Saturating social networks is not an adequate plan in Social Media

That is to say, saturating social networks is not an adequate plan in Social Media, on the contrary it reveals a poor preparation of the script and the goals set. A continuous exhibition in the digital media does not ensure satisfaction for our follower, can lead to a whirlwind of contradictions due to the continuous bombardment and alerts sent from our brand.

Saturating social networks is not an adequate plan in Social MediaI plead to send a dose of information, by brushstrokes, by well-directed arrows that point directly to the heart of my follower. It is necessary to discard the assertion of “the more the better”, quality is not synonymous with abundance but of knowing how to give when it is necessary and when the follower so requires.

It is given the casuistry that most organizations that first develop their Social Media plan do so with a total ignorance of the environment, their messages are made in microseconds, there is no time for interaction, assimilation and consumer reaction . The concept of social network as a vehicle of two-way communication and as a platform to favor customer engagement is not within the framework of most organizations.

It should be known that a timely message and timing can create a greater impact than several nonsense, we must ration time, as well as carry a smooth and appropriate rhythm to not generate boredom. You have to know how to exploit the benefits of the 2.0 world and know even more the negative aspects. Do not become a robot that sends messages without thinking, leave the automatism to one side.

To avoid saturation, humanize your social profile, walk alongside the consumer, ask him who wants to know, who needs to know, do not forget the fundamental term “social”, which socializes and not automatic, do not care about a cold screen with that do not establish contact, for that are the doors and walls of big companies that continue to deny the potential of the new era and whose mission is not to socialize with the client, their thinking is only to sell, sell and sell.

The “Social Tsunami” allows you to humanize your brand image, gives you added value when performing a socialization, because a consumer seeks beyond material, enter your profile to generate a relationship and from which you can get a valuable feedback since you know firsthand the feeling of your client.

Socializing and humanizing do not make you weaker in the face of your competitors, on the contrary they create a positive synergy between consumers and brands that can hardly be broken with continuous price guerrillas or other aggressive policies that take place in the market and saturate both the consumer and environment.