Reasons why content marketing is highly effective

According to Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing is a marketing technique based on the creation and distribution of relevant content whose objective is to attract and achieve engagement by a clearly defined audience, in order to take them to action.Reasons why content marketing is highly effective

Companies invest approximately one quarter of their marketing budget in content generation. The most used techniques are, in 79% of cases, social networks; since they are the means of communication par excellence today to reach the client directly, followed by the publication of articles, with a very similar percentage. Larger companies use an average of 9 content marketing tactics, which can range from attending events, to publishing newsletters, studies or white papers, to skipping conventional media and even printing their newsletters. news.

4 main reasons why content marketing is effective

It increases the degree of confidence in the company.The quality content brings you closer to the users, it offers you the opportunity to empathize with them. This closeness makes them feel closer to the company, that increases the degree of confidence and with it their predisposition to interact with it. In this way the “risk to the unknown” is reduced and the client feels more secure when deciding on your company.

Generates engagement, which increases ROI. When opting for a company, the user will choose the one with which he feels more secure and has experienced a greater degree of closeness, thereby increasing the degree of conversions and the consequent return on investment.

The relevant content attracts prospects.If you apply the above definition and you base your content marketing strategy on achieving its objective, you will reach users interested in your topic, who will find in your message the answer to their needs. Therefore, they will value your effort and act in your favor, promoting your content and recommending your company.

It is a tool to maintain permanent contact with your customers.The relationship with your client must never end once the commercial transaction is concluded. The generation of content creates a link between the company and the user difficult to separate. The possibilities of improving the relationship are increased. If you continue to offer information of your interest, you keep informed about the trends of the sector and from time to time you offer a prize for your loyalty, you will be reaping a loyalty and laying the foundations for it to become your brand advocate.

What is your content marketing strategy? How do you manage to attract your users? Do you have them already hooked?