Real Customer Testimonials as a Content Marketing Strategy

We all want our content to have the maximum possible impact, that our effort is not in vain and our words resonate in the mind of the recipient, reaching to his heart. When developing an effective content strategy there is a golden rule that always works: the true personal stories are what really connect.

We agree that storytelling, the ability to convey a message through a story is a more than advisable technique; But if you add to your story a real component, and you manage to transmit those real emotional values, you will really empathize with the audience.

Real Customer Testimonials as a Content Marketing StrategyThus, the first person experiences and the real facts allow you to connect in first person with your target audience. For this you can use your closest environment: your customers; They will be able to represent you better than anyone else. You just have to get down to work.

Get the testimony of your customers. Satisfied customers are the best ambassadors of your brand, your opinion is the most valuable of the recommendations. Your comments on social networks, coupled with the tangible results of your work and knowledge, along with your testimonials in first person will add credibility to your sales pitch.

Do not try to mask the reality, on bombastic effects and out of place. On the contrary, he bets on authenticity, for showing things as they are. Your clients prefer to hire an SME, knowing that it is a small company, located in a small town, they think they are dealing with a multinational, and suddenly find themselves cheating.

Not everything can be perfect. When talking about your achievements, or turning to your clients to make public their testimony, do not choose only the most exceptional, but, once again, try to capture the reality, to the full extent. It is not credible that the satisfaction rate of your product is total, in all cases, but in the variety is the taste. The product that for some is wonderful, for others may simply be acceptable. The important thing is to provide credibility and build trust.

Naturalness is the basis of credibility. If your clients speech has been previously prepared, following an established scheme, or the company has marked the guidelines of how it should be, it will lose all credibility. Although they are real clients and their testimony is true, their intervention is unnatural, will sound canned, and even false and will not cause the desired effect.

Do not teach your clients what they have to say, or how to talk, just ask them to talk about their experience. For your part, if you define a strategy of capturing stories of your customers with your company, it would be convenient, establish a structure to give coherence to the final work. This could be based on starting with some generic questions, which serve to break the ice and make the client relax, to, from there, direct the conversation to the topic that the company wants to highlight and unleash the free expression.