Organic Marketing: Natural growth on the Internet

Organic Marketing is a relatively new concept, unknown or even invented, but it is undoubtedly the umbrella that covers what comes to be the strategies and profiles of online marketing that are flourishing in parallel to the exponential growth of the Internet. Inbound Marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Community Manager, relationship marketing or CRM, Web Marketing, today all disciplines of a greater concept, the generation of useful content and quality for the user. The natural growth of our website or company, the organic growth, the non-interruption of the user, but facilitate what they are looking for. The first step to create affective ties is through the text, the real Internet currency (converted into web traffic).

Conceptual labyrinth = strategic problem

The Internet changes faster than Standard & Poor’s ratings on sovereign debt and online consumption habits fluctuate even faster. That is why it is not surprising the abundance of strategic concepts related to Online Marketing and the consequent precariousness in decision making.

Probably even before pronouncing the phrase “I want to be present on the internet” any company, without realizing it, is already out of control in the internet. Wanting to control the situation goes beyond being present. It requires effort and success takes time. The conceptual disorder is equal to a long penance for networks. Organic Marketing is a marathon, the sprint on the Internet is a lost race.

Learn German in 7 days

I have not learned German in seven days, nor are the networks dominated in 5 simple steps, 10 tips, 5 ways, 10 keys to, promote, be visible, succeed, approach, generate, create affective bonds, communicate, your brand. You have to create a community, not just a communicative tool, to be social you have to generate value and value depends on quality. Satisfying the qualitative demand of our public is a slow and complex process but it is the first step for organic growth. We do not go hunting, we sow.

Synthetic vs Organic pocket

According to Avinash Kaushik, academic in Data Analysis, search engine optimization, social networks and so on, in 2010 the PPC (Pay Per Click) generated around 10-15% of CTR (Click Through Rate) while the Organic results rotated between 85-90%. The investment that same year in PPC was 18 to 24 trillion dollars while in organic content generation only 2 trillion were allocated. Not to mention that the traffic generated by PPC is interrupted instantly when you stop investing, clicks for today inactivity for tomorrow.

A Panda and a Penguin enter a bar together …

Although there is nothing more synthetic than a Google robot, updates to its algorithms receive animal names in search of organic material. Panda first and Penguin recently are committed to the quality of content. Its mission and values, clear: to provide quality results in search results. Going into the zoo that is Internet requires determination, and if you have, you must go through time and above all being organic.