Online Marketing: Tell me what you’re bragging about and I’ll tell you what you lack

As an online marketing consultant, every day you find clients who are very satisfied with the results of their online strategy, but, after you ask them a couple of specific questions on the subject, the truth comes to light and you discover that behind a moderately acceptable facade lies an underworld where chaos and disordination reign.

Let’s be serious, planning an effective online marketing strategy is a laborious task, juggling all the elements involved to fit perfectly, so that the end result is a well-oiled machinery. These are the most typical cases of great online successes that lose when it comes to the truth do not measure up:

My web account receives a high number of visits. Congratulations, you can say that you do not feel forgotten by the outside world. What about the bounce rate? And what about the conversion ratio? If the potential clients arrive at your website, but with the same they leave, badly we are going …. In this case, you have to analyze the quality of the visits, determine the profile of the visitors, the main sources of traffic; In short, Google Analytics must be your header book.

I have the most complete store in the sector. My online product catalog exceeds by far the number of references of my competition. That’s fine, as long as you have a website whose main features are the usability and quality of content. It will be of little use to have any product that you can imagine, if your users are not able to find it, or if the description of the product is limited to an alphanumeric reference with an image scanned directly from the printed catalog. Actually, the vast majority of consumers are informed online about the products that interest them before buying them. Your website should be a well of wisdom in terms of what your sector is concerned.

I occupy the main positions in Google. This one is good … we all know some businessman who, when searching the internet, appears first. To this answer it is only possible to ask, could you tell me for what criteria ?, because it is not the same to look for hotels in Valencia, that hostel Pepito Perez Perez in Valencia; for that you do not need to do much SEO …

I have many fans on Facebook. Great, and what do you talk to them about? What do you offer them to achieve their fidelity? What level of interactivity does your profile have? If your public appearances on social networks are limited to sporadic interventions, where you mention a new product or, to show generosity, you offer a 5% discount, it would not be surprising that your followers will disappear in the same way they arrived at your TL .

What is your particular experience in this regard? With what pearls of this type have you found yourself in your daily evolution in this sector?