Marketers prioritize video in the content strategy

The online video success among users. Every day, 75 million US Internet users consume this type of videos. The preferred platform for the public to access audiovisual content is YouTube, who already has more than one billion monthly users. It is planned that in 2016 the community of video users globally exceed 15 billion individuals, and that 55% of Internet traffic is constituted by this type of content.

Young people remain the main consumers of online video. An estimated audience of between 18 and 24 visit about 213 videos per month, which means 19.2 hours per month. The figures are conclusive, which has led to online video to position itself as a priority in the strategy content for 76% of marketers.

Marketers prioritize video in the content strategyReasons to invest in video marketing

Online video helps to increase brand awareness. Its benefits are noticeable in several aspect. It contributes to increased web traffic by 55% and improved SEO. Thanks to the inclusion of videos within the site may attract up to 3 times more inbound links. In addition enhance social activity.Thanks to the videos you can appreciate a higher rate of engagement on Facebook (33%). In addition, users enjoy this type of content sharing in social networks; a habit which led to mobile users. It is expected that 92% of users consuming video via your mobile device share it.

Definitely videos are a very attractive way of consuming information. One of every three customers watch videos on the product page, or wherever you find them, while seeking information about the product you are interested. This is a highly viralizable content. 41% of customers are more willing to share product videos than any other piece of content. And also you do not need to have great technical means or financial resources. Users value the quality or the context of the content rather than the finish of the video.

Recommendations to define an effective strategy video online

For a video to get the desired impact has to be particularly attractive, and engaging the audience from the start. The first 10 seconds are crucial. It is the term that give users to continue watching the content. 20% of them leave the video after those 10 seconds.

The videos that work best are those with an unexpected component, a touch of humor and really shocking. If they are also able to draw the attention of some influencers considerably increase their chances of making the leap to fame. Social networks are the quintessential platform for broadcast content. In the case of the videos could not be less. It is therefore appropriate to optimize the planning strategy content, in order to achieve the greatest impact.

Consistency is necessary to develop an effective strategy videomarketing condition. Half of the brands with the greatest impact in this area generate up to 50% more video than your competition. A importance data, considering that in addition, 37% of brands has not updated their corporate channel in the last 4 months.

However, it is important to note that any strategy must have a goal. This is not only to generate quality content and get impact, but such activity be channeled for the benefit of the brand. Hence the need to include calls to action, increase the number of subscribers to the channel and try to refer users to the website of the company, thereby stoking interest in the brand.

Therefore, online video offers a great opportunity to connect with the brand directly, giving a more complete picture about their products, services or business philosophy. All at a glance, in a very viralizable format and invites interact.