Investment in Email Marketing will continue to grow in the US

Every day it is more evident that Email Marketing is positioned as one of the most effective and effective tools and strategies for communication and promotion of services and information of companies. The predictions regarding the growth of Email Marketing, estimate that only your investment in the United States it will go from 817 to 1,316 Million dollars over the next 4 years (2012).

This study carried out by JupiterResearch, a consultancy specializing in business strategies for new media, was presented at the MediaPost’s E-mail Insider Summit and the effectiveness of sent emails is also estimated. The concerns of these strategies according to the study, are to discover the causes of low by users who received emails by voluntary discharge.
That is, those who had previously subscribed. The response to this reason about the polls conducted was generally based on the reason that the information or content had ceased to be relevant. It is clear and it is evident that a high number of emailings does not guarantee the results. The relevance and quality of its content can be vital and key to maintaining a stable and mature affiliation of users and subscribers.
Although Email Marketing It has certain difficulties, it is still an effective tool if we compare it with other forms of interactive communication. Email is therefore a channel of maximum potential for strategies and communication with a penetration superior to any other direct marketing tool.