Investment in content marketing will continue to increase in 2018

The creation of brand content is considered indispensable to develop an effective presence in the online medium. For this reason companies are increasingly allocating more resources to content creation, especially as blog posts, social networking updates and white papers are concerned. This activity involves a considerable effort of time and money, but also reports benefits to the company, in terms of brand awareness and lead generation, so the balance is positive, also in terms of ROI.

Investment in content marketing will continue to increase in 2018Recently the Custom Content Cuncil together with ContentWise indicated that the investment in branded content had increased 13% since 2010. It even shows an optimistic outlook, Adding that 79% of marketers participating in the survey recognized that their company was willing to continue this trend, to a greater or lesser extent, in addition to having specialized companies. 52% outsourced part of this service last year. The budget for outsourcing the generation of this type of content also increased, reaching an average of $ 371.

Different research and studies reinforce this growth, highlighting how in the US only investment in content marketing by companies and brands has increased to over 9 billion dollars during the last four months of 2017. A trend that will increase during 2018 as marketers plan to increase their efforts and work to optimize their investment.

The new challenge of content marketing is to follow a multi-channel strategy

The re-use of resources is also consolidated as a very common practice. 75% of the companies adapted the material created for graphic printing, in order to publish it on the web. Companies are clear that the key to achieving the greatest impact for their actions is to be creative, Which allows to highlight and achieve the conversion. This also implies a greater diversification of the message. In this sense, it is worthwhile to allocate resources and use them in depth to promote brand loyalty, increase the recall rate and create actions that motivate action.