Interesting Facts About Twitter Engagement for the Company

Do you get  the kind of interaction and retweets  you proposed  on Twitter? Did you know that  you can double your engagement simply by adding a photo to your tweet? Or that  using multiple #hashtags or  tweeting too much can decrease your interaction  rates  significantly?

Interesting Facts About Twitter Engagement for the CompanyA study based on the results obtained by Buddy Media when analyzing the engagement of users of 320 of the biggest brands in the world offers us the following figures:

Of course each brand must test for itself and go testing what works best.

  • The  78% of engagement achieved  by a company on Twitter is through  retweets. The other  22%  is due to the  answers.
  • The  92% of the interaction  with tweets company occurs  through the links.  Many companies do not realize that l will percentages of engagement  with companies  increased by 17% on Saturdays and Sundays, while only one  19% of company tweets sent during the weekend.
  • The  interaction rates  of the brands are usually  between 08.00 and 19.00.
  • Tweets containing  less than 100 characters  also receive 17% more engagement  than the longer tweets. And those that  contain links receive 86%  more percentages of retweet than those who do not.
  • On the other hand, tweets with  hasthags  receive twice as much engagement as tweets without them. However only  24% of the tweets  studied  contain hashtags. On the other hand, tweets with one or two hashtags  have  21% more engagement  than those with three or more hashtags. So  use hashtags, but in moderation!
  • Tweets  with image links get twice as much engagement  as they do not have.
  • If you ask your followers to retuiteen you, you get  up 12 times the percentage of retweets! However, only less than 1% of brands implement this strategy. In fact, when the followers ask explicitly and put the word “Retweet”, the percentage of retweet goes up 23 times. When the abbreviation RT is used, the percentage is multiplied by only 10.

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