How to get our company is the most recommended in social networks

The main reason that leads consumers to buy are the recommendations of others. According to Nielsen, more than 90% of consumers indicated that word of mouth is their main source of influence when buying.

Based on this premise, every company should aspire to become the most recommended brand in its category. So says Paul Rand in his book, based mainly on the effect of social influence on purchasing decisions. “Highly Recommended: Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Your Business”.

How to get our company is the most recommended in social networksThe author points out five effective in harnessing the power of the recommendations as a way to boost sales, compiled by Business Insider on your pages strategies:

Communication strategy focusing on those aspects especially valued by customers

It is important to highlight the qualities of the product or brand on the basis of which we would be recommended. This should be monitoring social conversation and identify the real concerns of customers, know what features give greater importance and strengthen the measures and information to promote these values. A highly recommended practice when talking about the benefits of the brand and its products is to apply the 90/10 rule. Whereby only 10% of the content contributed by the company would revolve around the brand, while 90% would be relevant and quality information on the real interests of customers content.

The opinion of each client account

Social networks have given way to empowering customers, we have provided the power to express themselves freely, and that his opinion has the necessary relevance to alienate potential customers of the brand.Therefore, one should not dismiss your influence, however insignificant it may seem. Quite the contrary, Rand indicates that 70% of customers would not buy a product with 3 negative comments. Hence the need to stay in constant contact with them, listen to them and always offer an answer.

Customers can make valuable contributions to the brand and its products

No one better than consumers know their products and are able to assess whether or not meet your needs. The feedback allows customers to present their ideas, objectively evaluate the products and even raise their needs.Following these contributions is possible to detect errors and shortcomings, and create new products. Thanks to this initiative, for example, Kraft decided to launch its 100-calorie snacks.

The company must show close, transparent and humane.  So far, the marks had not been so easy to listen to their customers and to respond almost instant mode. All this is possible in the 2.0 era, it only remains that companies are aware of their potential and take advantage of it . It is all the more likely that a dissatisfied customer proclaim their disagreement with the brand. Therefore, the company should facilitate this task, in order to control this interaction from the start, and turf; and remain alert to act properly and quickly.

It is important to have a proper planning structure and to manage such interactions by customers

They expect the company to enable the appropriate channels to collect their requests and be there to answer them. It should be noted that the reviews and customer ratings are not visible only by brand but publicly issued. This means that are available, both potential customers of the company and its employees, suppliers, investors or partners. A reality that can harm a possible agreement, or any type of negotiation, in addition to jeopardizing the proper functioning of the company, in the eyes of these third parties.

It is therefore not possible to assess the impact of negative ratings to the brand, which is possible, and on the other essential part, is to allow the approach, promoting dialogue and offer all facilities. A position that will work to benefit both the customer and the company.

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