Global advertising market will grow this year thanks to mobile

Global advertising

During the hardest years of economic crisis, it was customary always find information on how they spent less and how companies pared spending on those areas that seemed minor (although decisions taking could be many times disputable). One of the scenarios that suffered from these cuts was, in general, the advertising market, where brands began to spend a little less.

The truth is that things are changing and brands are regaining their enthusiasm in what refers to ad spending. As recently demonstrated the latest annual study of Warc on global ad spending forecast, brands will spend more money on advertising for the remainder of the year. The study focuses on data from 93 markets, following consumption data, industry, gross domestic product and expenditure forecasts.

Global advertising According to the study WARC, global advertising spending in 2016 will increase by 4.4% to reach 561,000 million dollars. This growth is impressive, although not remain unbeaten for the coming years ahead. According to forecasts by WARC advertising market growth will suffer, some cooling in the following years and after this 4.4% will grow by 3.7% in the following year.

Good numbers Mobile

The big winner in the accounts of advertising in the near future will be mobile. According to the study, mobile will be the one most grow online advertising and promoting its growth in the coming years. Thus, advertising on the desktop will be stagnant. Once it reached 112,000 million dollars worldwide, advertising on the desktop and even stay there (is what analysts believe most likely), it will decline slightly in the near future. Meanwhile, mobile advertising will reach 90,000 million for 2017 and will be positioned at 44% of the weight of the advertising budget of the network, becoming an increasingly powerful player and getting stronger in the market advertising.

What advertisers spend your budget increasingly beyond the mobile stage? The other big players in the online advertising market will be mobile video and social formats (which the study highlights separately) that are positioned at high levels during the year ahead. When you reach 2017, social move and 28.000 million mobile ads and videos 10,000.

Moreover, certain formats that might be considered ‘old format’, but adapted to mobile ever, so to speak, die. Investment in mobile search advertising will reach 40.000 million with the arrival of 2017. The figure is impressive not only in itself but also when compared to what happened in previous years: this 40,000 million-fold investment in this type of advertising that brands performed in 2015.

The geographical distribution of the advertising pie

Things, as far as distribution of the cake refers country, will not change. North America will remain the largest advertising market in the world and where more money on advertising, partly because the United States is spent will continue to occupy very important positions in the global advertising market. The USA is one-third of all global spending on advertising during 2016 and will maintain its position as the largest market in the world in advertising spending. Ad spending will grow by 4.7% in the US in 2016, but this boom will slow down in 2017 (when the market will only grow by 2.5%). What explains this disparity? The key is in the events of 2016 and how they affect the advertising market. The weight of the Olympics and the presidential election campaign to make advertising spending to skyrocket.

Faced with this region is positioned prominently the Asia Pacific, which will grow faster during the period. It will do so by 6.2% in 2016 and 5.6 in 2017.