Four Tactics for Improving Your SEO

more traffic from SEO

The next time that you call on a Hemel Hempsted web design and digital strategy agency to support you with your next project, check that they have a clear SEO strategy for your new website. These are some of the tactics that they may use to help drive profitable business to your site.

more traffic from SEO

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Building Ranking through Links

Previously, the aim of the game was to get as many links as you could to your website. However, linking strategies are different today. Although links are still important, the key factor is that they are ‘quality’ links, rather than quantity. Less can be more if you do things in the right way.

Use Content Rich in Keywords

Google uses a type of indexing called latent semantics, which means that the search engines crawl through content and identify combinations of common phrases or words. They will also identify any synonyms that link to your keywords.

Because today’s standards require your website to be optimised for user experience, keywords do not need to be placed exactly in content. The most important thing is that content is written to be of value to the end user. By using related terms and synonyms, search engines can now identify and rank your content most usefully to the human reader.

Focus on Content and Links

Whereas good SEO used to involve getting high volumes of links, quality code and content in place, today’s most successfully ranking sites will have strong social integration. Essentially, the more popular your site is, the more backlinks and traffic you’ll receive. Social integration also allows you to share quality content and build a strong traction. For help with this, you can use a professional digital strategy agency such as

Build Quality Pages for Traffic Growth

A quantity of pages will not get you additional traffic to your site. Bad content is now sought out ever since the Panda update of 2011, and truly poor content can attract Google penalties. Again, the message is clear – focus on quality content, rather than the quantity of it.

There are other strategies for good SEO that your digital partners will help you to develop, but the basics are still clear – quality journalism and content that provides genuine value to the end, human reader. What tactics will you use to ensure your website achieves high performance?