European markets embrace strategy and content marketing

The phenomenon of the growing importance of content marketing is not something that is limited to the American market. European companies are also becoming increasingly important and quickly incorporating this practice into their marketing budgets. Thus, recently published data in the United Kingdom of a survey that was carried out last November, 78% of respondents have acknowledged having invested in content marketing, compared to 19% who claim to have made no investment in this sense.

European markets embrace strategy and content marketingMost British companies have recognized 55% use internal resources in their development, and 40% claim to work with external suppliers.

But growth in content is not something of the past year, but is expected to continue in 2013, where 8 out of 10 respondents say they will increase their budgets in this regard, while 17% say they will continue at the same levels of investment.

Businesses in the UK are also assuming the virality offered by content sharing via social media. Slightly over half of respondents said that news from their industries, along with blogs, were the most likely type of content to be shared on social platforms, followed by computer graphics (18%), videos (27 %) And white papers (4%). News and blogs seem to be the most popular content because they work best when it comes to interacting with consumers.

In a world where consumers are heavily bombarded with messages and images that reach them from all angles, content marketing can serve as a channel for conversation, capture attention and create bonds for the future.