Email Marketing: Strategies for Creating Your Own Database

Email marketing is today one of the most efficient and economical means to communicate promotions or information of any kind. The first thing people do in the morning is to check their email box.

If you are thinking about starting this type of communication, the first thing you need to take into account in order to send emails in an effective and successful way is to manage a database of your own, reliable, up to date and as complete as possible.

This article is for you, whether you still do not have a database of your own, or if you have one and want to optimize it and increase its size for better results.

Email Marketing Strategies for Creating Your Own DatabaseIn order for this database to allow successful marketing campaigns, it is important that it be collected from different sources, and always have the express permission of the recipient to send information.

It is important that you know in depth what the interests of your customers are and why you should interview them, know their way of thinking, their concerns and needs, to provide you with email marketing what the customer is looking for, and to meet their expectations.

“It’s important to know the interests of your customers so that we can meet your expectations with our email marketing campaigns.”

If you buy databases and send email, you would be sending people who have not accepted to receive emails from your company, And maybe not even know it, that is known as Spam, a practice that can damage the image of your brand, as spam is very frowned upon, and may even cause you to block your website. 

Here are some recommendations

Start from 0: The database is the most important thing in email marketing. With just 100 or 500 contacts, you can start to carry out these types of campaigns, and it is much more efficient than sending thousands of emails to people who They have not agreed to receive emails from you.

Take advantage of visits to your site: Add in your home a small subscription form to the newsletter, or news and promotions. In this way, people who come to your website that maybe at that time are not interested, if they subscribe, already become part of your database to periodically? Remind them? The services offered, or send promotions or special offers to be subscribed.

Promote your business: To your website (now with the newsletter subscription form) you should promote it whenever you can everywhere: hire banners on internet portals, posters, brochures, etc. Also optimize your site for Web search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

My clients: To all Clients who come to your business, you should request the email and add them to your database. If a customer was satisfied with his service, it is much easier to sell him another service tomorrow. All the contacts of the site or people who call you asking about their products and services, should also request the email and their permission, and add them to the database.

Special shipments to other bases: Sending your advertising to bases of other companies is very good, it has a lot of impact, but remember that the sender is the one of the company that owns the database (not yours). In that mailing should also call to see more information on your website, and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter that will receive special discounts, or giving a small gift to those who subscribe.

Events and draws: If you make or participate in an event, see the possibility of delivering coupons to participate in a raffle, requesting the email and authorization to send promotions. Another way to get contacts is to organize an online raffle, and promote it in different media. When you subscribe you ask permission to include them in your base.

Know your customers well: It is important that you know in detail the interests of your customers and therefore you should interview them, know their way of thinking, their concerns and needs, to provide you through email marketing what the customer is Looking for, and thus fulfill their expectations and achieve more sales.

Segment your base: The more information you get from your customers, the more chances you have of organizing your database in different groups and you can customize your campaigns depending on your needs.

Take care of your database: Now that you have managed to create and manage your own database, the key is to take care of it, segment it and keep it updated. Your database is now part of your company’s asset, do not share it, lend it or sell it, it is a very valuable tool for the development of your business.