Do we persuade blind? The development of new skills online

Persuasion has always been an art of physical plane having great importance body language. But what happens when we use other tools?

Not Verbal body language that accounts for 70% of our communication is lost relegated it to our words, images and other resources provided by the Internet. If you have “always” been essential the great communicators, they are even more in the online world. Here the skill of using words the right way to attract and seduce in various media on which will be positioned the message is the key to success (social networks, newsletter, or e-mails own business).

Do we persuade blind The development of new skills onlineWinston Churchill said “I’m optimistic, does not seem very useful to be something else.” Nine words for truth. Transmit that positivism should be the essence of all our communication that spread this attitude is the shortest way to provoke action the public road. Optimism is active, passive pessimism. A greater dexterity with our language, greater skill in handling synonyms and antonyms.

The richness of vocabulary to find the way to say the same thing differently, but always under the same premise “the tone has to be globally optimistic and contain intrinsically positive words.” It is very different to say “Forget about many problems” “Come to our solutions” It sounds simple, but it is easy to stop bear this in mind after the first few lines. This should be a constant in the communication from the first word to the last. Which like everything in life requires perseverance and persistence. First tip, replace the “no” for the “yes” which will not only be positive for the reader but also for the writer.

“The power of a picture is worth a thousand words.” I recognize it is already an expression often sounded. However, the online world requires visual effects that inspire and awaken the action. More than once can be found in various promotional activities on-line images with poor resolution and deformed causing a tremendous loss of attraction. Although “everyone likes the colors” Whatever the style, make sure we pass on cleaning and care. Just as there is the saying “not seen you as you are if you like what you want to become” in our locker room internet are the images we use as intermediaries or substitutes for our body.

After these small strokes, and introduction to persuasion online. Let’s jump into action. Creates a mass behavior and take it. This is informational social influence or social proof (social proof). Faced with a situation for which there is no precedent of right action, people take as appropriate behavior of those around considering that these people know more than them. Example; Readers who read this article seemed very interesting and continued with this one.