Discovering the keys of the present and immediate future of Social Media

Who we are dedicated to this online marketing, we are always willing to learn, and if the hands of the best, yet we pay more attention. Therefore it is interesting to know the results of the second edition of the thematic series “Let’s talk about Marketing Online”, an initiative created by Tristan Elósegui.

This document can now be downloaded for free, it describes the evolution of Social Media in the last 3 years. The trajectory of “the world that only spoke several Internet crazy” as say Antonio Toca, to be an important part within the company. Juan Merodio, the foundations have not changed dramatically, but the tools that currently allow give more visibility to content, especially in a more segmented way.

Discovering the keys of the present and immediate future of Social MediaThese are some of the main conclusions drawn from this compendium of professionals, a document that takes stock of the current situation, with important notes on trends approaching.

The customer as the focal point of the strategy of Social Media. Neither the mark, neither the product nor social networks. The main goal should be to listen to customers and satisfy their interests. One aspect which involved the Social CRM, and can help a lot. Mauro A. Fuentes indicates that companies still have much work to get the full “multi-channel”, which means that companies are able to cross the data from a Twitter client with CRM. In this way they will be able to know the real value of the customer, establish the best way to serve them, and how to meet their needs.

Geolocation as an essential factor to reach the consumer, at the right time and the right place .

As noted Clara Avila, the SoLoMo is no longer a trend, but as a reality that forces companies to adapt to this paradigm. The daily demand for mobile content by users, related maps, routes and information grew 16%, according to the Mobile Marketing Study IV.

Segmentation as an essential condition for profitable resources.

One fact that stands Juan Merodio, for whom it is essential to focus the message to the particular audience, based on a clearly stated objective.Something that would not be achieved without a strategy, and a good analysis and constant measurement.

The Social Media must be integrated in all departments of the company.

Antonio Toca highlights the importance of moving from Social Media to Social Business, that there is a corporate conscience that all parties feel members involved in the project. Another of his great contributions to this work is the idea of “Harnessing the digital ecosystem to boost the activity of the company.” Throw away desperately in search of customers and desire to make ourselves known in a highly competitive environment, we are neglecting an important asset: the environment. That set of customers, employees, suppliers, followers and brand advocates can contribute greatly to strengthening the company. Something as simple as listening to customers and serve them as they deserve can fidelizarles. Why not foster internal staff to contribute their ideas and proposals for improving the functioning of the company? A stable working environment creates satisfied workers, and large brand evangelists.

“The Social Media does not sell , ” or at least we do not know, can not, or do not understand how to measure it .

A question posed by Daniel Rodrigo, who makes us reflect on the impossibility of calculating the impact of our actions in Social Media. Not to mention the fuzzy barrier between all actions related to online marketing, which prevents distinguish between a purely social strategy, payment, mobile, or search, which makes it even more complex functions. Therefore, before loading against Social Media and banishing marketing budget, should carefully examine stand their real influence.

“Social networking is a channel of recommendation, not direct conversion”.

Tristan Elósegui shown clear and direct, revealing the value that really bring social networks. Its fundamental role is to act as a bridge between initial notoriety generated by more direct action, such as PPC campaigns, and the decisive moment, which leads to the purchase. In this course the client seeks complementary and references, which will lead them to make their final decision sources. Social networks involved here, who, thanks to their activity, have created a scenario around the mark; which can generate a positive attitude toward the brand, which is an influential factor.

Of ideas, experiences and perspectives of these great professionals Social Media we can learn a lot, and know more about the environment in which we move.

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