Designing a strategy in Social Media Content

The phrase “The Content Is A King” and I can not agree more with her. On the Internet there’s nothing like offer good content because ultimately that is the product that is consumed. Offering only the information the user is looking get their needs (fundamental pillar of marketing) and we will stay with our brand or product. As more useful and more interesting the content that we offer to our readers, the more attractive our website. And when I speak not only content I mean articles Support, which are the majority, but also have great strength images, videos, downloads, presentations, etc.

That said let’s see how you have to create a content plan that will help boost our marketing efforts in social media. In other words, we will see how to produce content that is consistently relevant and useful to your audience.Obviously, if the content is king should always keep in mind the ultimate objectives of your media strategy, always using a rational and consistent use of your marketing messages.

Designing a strategy in Social Media ContentThe seven most important points you should consider to design a good content strategy in Social Media are:

  • Rate the content type best suited to the characteristics of your brand product.
  • Be direct in your message and highlights the truly relevant.
  • Study what is the best time to publish and be responsive.
  • Analyzes which are the best media for dissemination: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, communities, etc.
  • Make sure you get reach your target audience.
  • Performs continuous monitoring of the conversation generated.
  • Prepare a plan B: It is wise to rectify mistakes and ready on time.

Therefore, depending on what we want to spread will assess whether the content should be primarily textual, if it can be more viral with a video, if you can call more attention to a chart or if we can adapt to more innovative formats. Here creativity, as in many other things, juga an important role.

The next step is to know and understand what is being said in social networks. In a word: listen. This we will know what readers want or need to know about us, what they like or dislike, and where they establish talks.That’s where we’re going to have to be.

By following these guidelines can build a plan and adapt to social content marketing efforts. The advantage of using social networks is that we will discover the needs of our audience, advise, manage, provide solutions and ensure our brand maintains its relevance. This task is far less exciting adventure.

The great mistake made in this type of strategy is to use social channels to “bomb” the fans or followers with advertisements and announcing wonderful products that can be hired. Some may itch and can make sales, no one will say otherwise. But why we not offer to each individual form what really interests you? How? Just listening, long-term will be profitable.The technology allows, then let’s use it.

As in personal relationships are valued much when someone helps you in a time of uncertainty, the contents can also help people solve difficult and persistent problems. Just get in the skin or eyes of our users and focus on trying to understand the problem that affects them, to then develop the content to help resolve those doubts. This idea must form the core of our content plan. Detect, create and solve.

It is important that your audience feel that you are there, do not turn a deaf ear to what they say and that you care to try to offer solutions that allow them to make life easier, usually it comes down to that. But should be aware that 100 clients can be 100 different realities and 1000 have different needs.

Of course you can not miss an editorial calendar or set the pace ordered to offer them publishing content on social networks chosen for it. ¿Facebook o Twitter? It is the great dilemma, but you can manage both at the same time.Everything will depend largely on where our target focus and responsiveness that we can give.

It is also advisable to map the keywords that will be present in all content generated during specific days and see if as we work these words, these are associating our brand more. Remember that words have a great communicative force, it is not easy to choose. Persuading and generate emotions is the key.

Follow a content plan will allow you to be more efficient in Social Media Marketing. Let’s be realistic, involve users it requires considerable time, effort and preparation. Be consistent across all channels, do not lie under any circumstances, always bet dialogue, not repeat yourself too much and make dreams, illusions or hopes of your users or customers come true.

If you do not work right the first time, nor the best Community Manager or the best advertising campaign history you will regain the reputation of your brand. The fingerprint exists and every movement leaves a trail. As in life, the Internet doing things wrong have paid very dearly.

And finally, remember that content is and always will be King.