DESEO, the new acronyms of search engine optimization

There are a thousand and one ways to approach a new writing that defines, deepens, analyzes, prospects, predicts, augurs deaths, cardiopulmonary resuscitation or canonize the positioning in search engines (also expressed as SEO, acronyms of Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization) . Or maybe two thousand. But, listen, it is a labor painfully arduous and hardly justifiable; If the results of search pages are, by definition, something in constant evolution, what sense would it have to constrain its nature to a single voice, to a single writing and to a single definition?

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying GlassThose who forget that hypertextuality is the fundamental substrate on which the foundations of the Network are based, since a model of work in relation to search engine positioning is obsolete, abandon all their material possessions, let the beard grow And go forth to proclaim in the cyber desert? And to the few who give lip service to their diatribes? That “the SEO is dead!”. They are downright tired. As much as their antagonists, who from the most unsuspecting pulpits respond vehemently: “He is not dead! He is more alive than ever! “ 

We are not going to talk about that, in fact I am not a mean sense of guilt for having destined almost two hundred words to pretend to disassociate myself from such postures and finish where? In all and nowhere. Access any search engine? To Google, To Bing, to Baidu if you deal with Chinese? And consult the hundreds of thousands of entries, more or less authoritative voices, more or less experienced, that have previously shredded each of the techniques, procedures and molecules that make up the positioning in search engines. 

Said and done. Otherwise, we have to walk for free. We will never talk about SEO anymore. We will talk about DESIRE. 

Reality slap 

We got lost on the way. Aware of this or not, the truth is that in most of the occasions we lose the north in our goal compass. It has happened to the most painted: to succumb to the easy eroticism of ranking, to the aseptic sensuality of a position report? Without justification, Without painful appraisals beyond a ROI caught with tweezers and waving in the autumn wind on the marketing plan’s clothesline. Did you wake up one morning and discovered yourself in front of the mirror as a serial killer of SERPs? Quietly, psychoanalysts (and manufacturers of couches as a subsidiary market) make their August with digital marketing gurus repentant and on the way to redemption; 

Today, in relation to this, there are a few very sincere emotive testimonies: – Hello, my name is John Doe (we use an alias to protect the privacy of the aforementioned, but do not doubt the veracity of its history) and for three months I have not defined KPIs Without having clear my strategy. 

– Hi John! !! Congratulations!! Well done! ? Knocks at the edge of the tear the former Taliban caterva of density and anchor text diversity. 

In short, we are at a point that? Pulling expressions done? We might call it a “slap of reality”; Marketing has resulted in a pickled onion whose sine harbored digital marketing and the lack of common sense that tufarada that ends up causing sprouting lagrimones. With good raw materials and cooking, you are not the best cook: you must know the taste of the guest at the table. 

Desire, Delivering Engagement Though Search Engine Optimization 

The underlying concept in Desire, as such, is longing. From the satisfied yearning, commitment can arise. And that should be the leitmotiv that directs our DESIRE (understood as commitment delivery through search engine optimization? Delivering Engagement though Search Engine Optimization -). 

When reason is imposed, as a direct electric shock to the spine, it is difficult to abstract from the concept of DESIRE. Do I really know my audience? Am I clear on what you expect from me? And what’s more, do I know what I expect from my audience? 

What sense did you have in struggling to make our flag fly at the top of a search results page if you excused a very low conversion rate on the parachute traffic concept? 

With proper content management, it is possible to stop worrying about the rebound rate, The dropout rate or the percentage of recurring traffic. They are indicators of the past; Belong to SEO. In DESEO you know your audience: the texts speak their language, the images reflect their world; DESEO never talks about visits, talks about users. 

Keep in mind your audience, exploit your interests to the maximum inside and outside your website, surprise them, change shape: be textual, audiovisual, be a short message, spread out, speak them inside and outside your borders, be social and go to Each in particular. 

– Hi, my name is John Doe and I have not been able to reveal the position drops for three months. I even dream about the benefit of my users.