Content Marketing: Your content must be not only good, but extraordinary

Content marketing already among your main actions within your digital marketing strategy. Much of your efforts are focused on this area, aimed to capture the attention of your target audience, and the fruit of your work in reverse notoriety for the brand, cultivating new business and retain existing ones.

When evaluating the results to what you base to measure the ROI of your actions? What key indicative analyze? To find out, we must consider some aspects such as What visibility reach our actions?

Content Marketing Your content must be not only good, but extraordinaryYou need to know the impact of your content marketing strategy, in order to optimize and adapt depending on the demand of your target audience. 93% of shopping experiences begin with a search for information online. Sadly, 75% of users does not exceed the first page of results. Therefore, your content must be not only good, but extraordinary, to call wide attention and get the maximum visibility. also looks after optimizing your creations, always depending on the objectives.

Help yourself social networks for greater impact, both on social media as searchers face. On the one hand, the 2.0 channels are ideal for broadcast content. Of late, the latest study by Market Research reported that social networks were the main factors in SEO today. Especially relevant in Google. Therefore, do not forget this network.

Social networks are also a useful source of information for consumers. More than 15 million online shoppers recognize that searches the media before making a purchase. Its influence is indisputable. 68% of customers are directed to social networks to find reviews and recommendations on products that interest you.

How to position yourself in the mind of your customers?

Every brand dreams of being on the list of those 10 brands preferred by consumers. A merit that a lot of work and dedication, with a primary goal: to gain their trust. To achieve this, the company has to grow its online presence, work your reputation and provide an exceptional customer experience. If it meets the above, the company will get increase your web traffic, and more importantly, retain their visits on the page. This reverse in a longer residence time on page, page views increased and lower bounce rate; which translates into greater confidence on the page, and a big step towards conversion. Moreover, if the content is really worth, customers will share, thereby increasing the number of social mentions. 61% of customers prefer to buy products from companies that offer personalized content.

How to measure conversion content marketing?

One of the key indicators is the increase in sales or leads generated from concrete action. Find out what content is best works and invests in it more resources.

social mentions also measures the number of interactions, and the type of comments. Will serve to know the opinion of your followers about your pieces of content, your brand or your product. It also analyzes the behavior of your subscribers, compared to those who are not. Find out who buy more, if your promotions are unsuccessful or degree of loyalty from your database.

The type of customer who is more converts coming from search engines (39%). This is a customer who is in “buy mode”; so if what you see on your page will convince you, you end up buying, subscribing to your list or interacting in some way, as can be descándose one of your ebooks.

Meanwhile, social networking sites help you build confidence, get influences and increase your visibility online. The recommendations in this field can contribute to convince a hesitant client, or make discard the idea of buying in your store. 77% of B2C has achieved customers through Facebook, along with 41% of B2BCuida your social profiles, intact with your community and encourages your customers to share their purchases and discuss your products. It can help implement the social login lot.

Finally, “I do not ever leave your customer” after purchase. It is a unique opportunity to go further and strengthen their bond with the brand. Either to know your impression about the service or to ask to recommend, or even re-visit your inbox after a while to offer a personalized offer.