Content Marketing Solving a problem or creating new ones?

The importance of content is increasing more and more in companies over time since it has become very clear that good content is the basis for obtaining presence and visibility in the network, thereby increasing the possibilities of reaching new potential customers or that they can find us more easily.

The users look for in the content of the companies solutions to their problems and also of course original and relevant content. When it comes to satisfying these clients, the question must be: who is my audience and what do they really want? But when it comes to content, the question must be: am I solving my clients’ problems or creating new ones?

It is evident that nowadays we swim in a constant flow of information, something that sometimes makes selection difficult. Well, the first thing that a company should do is just that, select the content that can really interest your audience and then make that content available to you through all possible means. The patience of the users is scarce so it is convenient that it is simple and easy to “direct” information.

Thus, to be able to obtain greater success with the clients, we must act as a true hero would do, that is, make a stellar appearance to solve all his problems in the fastest possible way. The question that companies should ask themselves at this point is is there anything that can be offered that is not in a Google search? Companies are supposed to be specialists in what they do, therefore, the answer should be positive. The key is to share that content that can position us as an expert in a certain subject, and not just copy and paste generalist information that can be obtained in any search.

Companies are continually increasing their efforts to offer better, higher quality and more personalized content. According to a recent report by Joe Pulizzi for the Content Marketing Institute, nine out of ten companies are committed to the strategy of generating this type of content and every day increases the investment destined to this objective. Some related data make it clear, In this sense, the activity and the number of professional blogs have experienced an increase of 27%, as well as problem-solving guides (White papers) (19%) or videos (27%) ).

Each company must be clear that it is unique and that the content offered by anyone else can offer it in the same way. In this way, this content must be an extension of the company’s philosophy. It is important to use knowledge and specialization by applying it to the information that is offered, in order to offer a unique perspective, generating content with a clear purpose, that of offering clients relevant information and solutions to their problems.

It is therefore important not to fall into the error of generating information that can be defined as “only noise” that does not have behind it, a frequency that can be tuned by customers and consumers. They are listening but will only reward what they really consider of true interest or relevance. Otherwise your dial will change and our frequency will simply be ignored.