Content Marketing: 6 Creative ideas to boost your strategy

Content Marketing

If I stop to think, we as 4 years talking content marketing as a great solution to attract customers in a genuine way. Digital advertising is also a good channel, but sometimes has the following problems…

  • High CPC: In certain media, such as google adwords, a sometimes cost soars and makes it inaccessible for some companies.
  • Technical skills are required: Some platforms like Google or Facebook, are more difficult to handle than it seems. There is much information available, but sometimes, this learning can be a not inconsiderable amount of money.

Content MarketingWhy companies are not opting for content marketing?

Having spoken with many companies on strategy to attract users who are undertaking, I am able to make a compilation of the answers I have harvested to ask a question directly on this subject:

  • “Advertising campaigns are already working well and we want to invest everything in this direction”
  • “I do not believe in content marketing, this is for branding, I want to capture”
  • “My sector is very boring and not know what to talk about”
  • “I tried it on your day and not work”
  • “We should sign a copywriter, there is no budget”
  • “We are already in social networks”

Well, at this point, these are the answers I give most times:

  • Content marketing is a complementary advertising channel . There is always the possibility of analytical identified by the destination of the money is not profitable, and clear some budget for creating content.
  • Content marketing well executed, oriented SEO, you can take the top 10 of google for your main keywords, and that always profitable.
  • No matter how serious or boring that may be a sector, you can always give it a spin to write about interesting related topics and to attract qualified traffic.
  • If it did not work, it should be revised strategy. You cannot “load” a channel by a previous bad execution.
  • If you do not have staff, there are freelance writers with very competitive prices, besides, you can always contact agency for these purposes
  • Being in social networks is different to create valuable content. It is more, but content is drawn, you put it very difficult for the community manager.

10 enhance your creative ideas for strategy of contents

Now, let’s go more importantly, what options are to reach our audience effectively? I make a selection of strategies that at some point have worked well for some of my clients:

Post good presentations on Slideshare: This is an often-underrated channel. We are many users that when we go into depth to a topic we go to this website to obtain the necessary information. Recently, Linkedin acquired it so now the visibility is much higher. I am already utilized.

Create a Podcast: Increasingly proliferate content to suit any lifestyle. A podcast can “consume” at any time and from any device. Here we publish tips, interviews, topical information … Believe it or not, it is a medium that has grown considerably in the past year.And personal brand works great.

Make a regular selection of news from your industry: The famous “content creation” is also an option. If regularly, rastreas the best news, select the show properly l distributed to your potential audience, is a value to your potential customers and the message that you are up to date, when it comes to your business, it will calando.

Create a blog in Linkedin: Linkedin time ago released the so – called “Linkedin publishing Platform”. It becomes an internal microblogging platform. This is a fantastic opportunity for many managers who want to stand as “spokespersons” of a company and through his personal brand that benefited the company leaves behind. It is a mode of communication warmer and more personal with great potential. The big challenge is that companies lose their fear to implement such strategies.

Create themed folders on Pinterest: This social network is a great source of inspiration for women mainly (remember that 70% of users are female). There are themed especially suitable for this channel as they are the world of design, fashion, decoration, illustration ….There are already several companies using Pinterest as a large catalog of online designs. If you know well in folders to organize and gain relevance remains constant in communications, the result should be profitable.

YouTube videos SEO oriented: There are two very interesting issues to discuss here. The first is to understand that we are not looking at Google like that on YouTube. The contents are different and there are times where the video best meets our consultations. In addition, the other issue is that video position is easier than text. Therefore, if we make a study of specific keywords and bring the right content, our visibility as a company index will go up a lot.