Content, also critical to mobile marketing strategies

The mobile is the most personal device that we have, and the user searches for content that is useful to him, so that the contents increasingly personalized for the user will be the most effective.

What is the importance of creating content adapted to each device? What is the relevance of creativity in ensuring an appropriate user experience? What types of mobile content will predominate?

Content, also critical to mobile marketing strategiesJuan Luis Moreno, Director of Digital Strategy at Vocento and Raimundo Alonso-Cuevillas, CEO Mobivery, tell us about the importance of adapting content to mobile, creativity and trends, as an advance to their participation in the Mobile Content Discussion Forum in which will be present during the third edition of the National Congress of Marketing and Mobile Advertising, organized by MMA on December 12, 2012 in Madrid.

Founder and CEO of The Blackout Project, Fernando Mesones, Global Head B2C Buongiorno, along with creative agencies and clients, will be discussing “Mobile Content: Think of Me”, under the moderation of Alejandro Echevarria. the effectiveness of the contents, trends and relevance in order to obtain good results.

“Content is currently consumed through a multi-device experience. Each of these devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Smart tv, etc.) has a consumer environment of its own. The user demands that we adapt the message and the format of the content to different moments, emphasizing the audiovisual content in some cases or giving relevance to the pill over the extension in others. The different content providers are making a real effort to adapt our products to the different devices “explains Juan Luis Moreno, Director of Digital Strategy in Vocento and participant in this discussion forum.


Creativity is one of the keys both in adapting the content to new formats, as the presentation of the content itself. Raimundo Alonso-Cuevillas, CEO Mobivery comments that “There has to be a balance between creativity and what the user already knows. Whether it’s the gestures and animations to access the content or the distribution of the buttons when navigating. ”

For his part, Juan Luis Moreno, indicates that “The user has become very demanding and expects to be surprised with different and imaginative proposals. The challenge is to introduce these creative elements in the process of creating and distributing the contents in addition to the most appropriate support for each of these pieces, he says.


As for the evolution of mobile content, our experts tell us that “Everything indicates that strategies will continue to be developed combining personalized content with geolocation, taking advantage of the advances that m-commerce has achieved in recent years. The mobile is the most personal device we have, and the user searches for content that is useful, so the content will tend to be increasingly customized for the user, using segmentation to be more effective, “says Raimundo Alonso-Cuevillas Juan Luis Moreno, tells us about “The social and audiovisual mix is clearly being imposed with an obviously playful or practical component. Leisure, and everything that entails this segment, will become the King of the contents (games, series, guides, etc).