Companies increase their Social Media Marketing budgets

A new survey indicates that the money allocated to traditional marketing methods is now being invested in social media activities, including public services to build relationships and not just for advertising.

Last year, 72% of companies allocated more than 10% of their marketing budgets to social media, surpassing the figure for 2009 (57%). Nielsen’s latest study found that in 2011, companies expanded their marketing budgets to fund social media strategies.

About 40% of companies allocate most of their budget to social media, more specifically, to place advertising or maintain a presence on Facebook, the most popular social platform.

Another fact of interest is that only 35% of companies lack knowledge and experience to carry out activities in social media, lowering the number that was had in 2009 that was 53%. “A significant portion of companies want to have control of online platforms, with one in five that says they would like to create their own social network,” said Stephen Johnson, Director of the company.

More data: only 16% of companies have difficulty measuring ROI and something key is the change that brands have shown in how to use social networks. Around 43% see social media as a way to build relationships with customers and stakeholders, versus only 33% who see them as a brand tool.

The most popular activities carried out there are the maintenance of a presence in the networks (28%), the monitoring and monitoring of what is said about the company and the staff (26%) and the response and quality of the comments ( 25%).