Bluetooth and Proximity Marketing

If we looked at the past, only a decade ago it would be impossible for us to conceive how Marketing, advertising and new technologies have managed to merge to take advantage of their advantages and benefits, giving rise to the development of new tools and communication channels.

The Proximity marketing has taken advantage of new technologies and found in Bluetooth technology and mobile communication channel to reach directly to users and consumers.

The Bluetooth technology it has evolved and expanded considerably in recent years. Currently, most mobile phones have this communication system and its application is also being integrated into other types of peripherals and devices such as PDAs, laptops, etc …

Proximity marketing is mainly based on devices that have of this technology and that is used to issue information and can be received by users through this communication system.

Among the most important advantages of this technology, it is worth mentioning that both sending and receiving information is completely free. Aspects that proximity marketing uses to carry out advertising campaigns that imply a lower investment and expenses in their processes.

Another important advantage is the possibility of segmenting information in some aspects. For example, limiting its radius of action or the type of information depending on where we are. In this way a user with a Bluetooth device could receive information or advertising suggesting the visit of an establishment, shop, restaurant or hotel close to their situation.

Although mobile devices offer us the possibility of “authorizing” or previously accepting access to reading and information of messages that our terminal may receive, many consider these techniques as “intrusive” and even evidence that this advertising model can reach to become the 21st century spam.

Proximity marketing is becoming one of the most attractive trends. As we mentioned, Bluetooth technology moves away from the “Culture of payment” and bets for free.

During the past year, different companies put into practice different strategies based on proximity marketing through Bluetooth.

The data speak for themselves and, after the tests carried out, one can speak of a full-blown success.