All you need to know to choose email marketing tool

If you have an online project, or you’re riding an ecommerce one of the moments that you will spend insurance is choosing a tool or software for sending an email. This address is usually make two types of errors:

– Start directly recommended by your webmaster tool (sometimes there are commercial interests involved)

– Choose the first that comes your way and think “total, all are equal and only to send emails …”

All you need to know to choose email marketing toolGeneral criteria for choosing an email marketing tool

In a first stage the criteria that can follow are:

1- Project size: Are you going to send many emails? The number of emails matter because if the number is low and you’re just going to send a newsletter from time to time with a common free tool will suffice.

2 Functions of the tool: Why do you need the tool?

  • Sending informative newsletters
  • Sending promotional emails with intent to sell
  • Automation email chains for sales processes and customer loyalty
  • Mass mailings to capture records

3- Evolution of the project: There are times when making a decision in the short term are counterproductive because after a while you need to change tools and can be cumbersome. For that, it is good to anticipate and take into account the circumstances in the near future. One option is that email marketing strategy is integrated into a tool of “all in one” need to do all this:

Key points to finish to choose email marketing tool

Other key aspects of this process are:

1- Number of emails that lets send for free: Many of these tools, if the number of emails is not much volume is completely free.

2- Analytical results: In the chosen tool should look if you can access “reporting” with the results of shipments or campaigns (openings, clicks …). Another thing is if you leave link to Google Analytics.

3- Automating emails: Some tools allow scheduled stop emails chains. This is very useful for tasks customer loyalty or inbounds marketing strategies.

4- Data Migration: Another important point is whether the software in question can export emails to another tool if you want to make a change. Some do not allow it and do it manually.

5- Manual easy to use: There is some software that are very intuitive to use and more complicated.

6- Simultaneous Shipping: In some it may be possible to send the same campaign to different lists.

7- Prices: Of course, very important

8- After – sales services: If you have a commitment to customer service or specific references quality much better service. Few things are more annoying than when sending emails fail.

9- Alternative applications: Having within an application tool to “landing pages” and an image manager can be helpful.

10- Possibility of introducing social media buttons within emails

What tool do you currently use? You’ve had on any account of these points?