A range of possibilities for high-level Content Marketing

There is life beyond social networks, there is another way to reach users and strengthen ties with them. It is a reality, they are becoming more demanding, they value that companies really invest their time in gaining their loyalty. There is such a saturation in the market that getting your attention and making a difference every time costs more effort. You have to put all the meat in the spit and offer new and attractive options. Why your content strategy has to stick to a post written on your blog, and a few interventions in social media? Consider using these resources and supports:

The apps. They constitute in themselves a promotional channel of the brand. They are usually made by and to transmit image. From its design, to its functionalities are aimed at generating engagement. Design an attractive and useful strategy for users and you will succeed; as for example, if it is a brand of food, you can launch an app that provides users with a daily recipe, made with the brand’s own products; In addition to cooking tips and other utilities. Remember to make it easy to share, so your virality will increase exponentially.

Advergaming, an increasingly widespread resource in content marketing. These simple games have more and more success among the population; some of them have managed to create real legions of followers around them. Go ahead and associate your brand to one of these fun hobbies, it’s definitely worth it.

Ebooks The proliferation of tablets has aroused a fierce hunger for content to feed these new acquisitions. Take advantage of the synergy to create your corporate e-books. Of course, leaving aside, of course, the self-promotion, in order to offer useful information and quality. This method has advantages for all:

  • Users get a quality information product, free of charge
  • The company has high-value content in its hands, which can go viral, with expectations of great impact.
  • If you know how to manage, it can be a source of leads, very useful for future e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • The return on investment in terms of brand awareness can be very positive.

Publication of studies. Launches a research project in that area that interests you the most. This has a double intention; On the one hand, you obtain first-hand information in this area and, on the other hand, you can publish the results of this study, leading the sector, positioning yourself as a reference. You will not leave indifferent to your own or strangers, both your competition and your target audience will show interest in your work. It’s your opportunity, get the most out of it in terms of notoriety, promote its viralization and capture of leads.

Videos. Who has said that content must always be textual? We tend to underestimate the enormous potential of YouTube, which remains the second largest search engine. Act seriously to generate audiovisual content. Here I do not mean that you upload a succession of static images, no, take it seriously and produce your own movies. Nor is it about making cinematic overproductions, but it is about squeezing the brain and finding the idea to make a worthwhile video that has viral potential, either because of its originality or because of its high quality. Users like to consume audiovisual content, from the last video of their favorite singer, to how to tie the tie step by step.

Podcast It supposes another alternative to the pure and hard letter. Develop a strategy of auditory content. You can include an exposition of the approach and solution of a problem; the intervention in a conference; or play an interview with an expert in the field. Another possibility is to extract the audio from your videos. Establish a regular appointment with your followers, offering a new episode of this series on time, providing new and interesting data on each occasion. Encourages the audience of this serial, promoting it and viralizing its content; encourages subscribers to actively participate in the creation of content, contributing their comments and suggestions. The nature of this content means that users can download it and take it with them to listen to wherever they want. It is a very comfortable and enjoyable format, which does not require effort on the part of the users to consume it; they simply have to listen to it, which they can do while doing other daily activities.

What type of content does your content marketing strategy include? Which ones give you better results?