7 Types of automatic emails to generate more conversion

Today, most companies that use automatic re-targeting or trigger emails experience very good conversion rates, higher than with most email marketing actions. These emails are sent after the client has carried out (or not) an action on the web. Due to the timing and relevance of content for the user, products or services you have looked at for example, these types of emails attract a large number of responses, openings and sales.

In addition, through this type of email is generated more affinity with the audience, since they are very personalized messages and one-to-one. There are different types of automatic emails although these are the most effective:

7 Types of automatic emails to generate more conversionWelcome email

They are the automatic messages of welcome to the users, whose main objective is to establish an initial relationship of affinity with the clients and thus contribute to the loyalty with the company. They may include a brief introduction to the brand and the products or services it offers. The welcome email can be sent during registration to an event, visits to the web, downloads of material or software, for filling out a form, etc., although the most usual is usually to send it after the user has subscribed to your Newsletter.

Cross-sell or up-sell

To understand the concepts of up-selling and cross-selling we can make the analogy to a movie bar. When a customer asks for popcorn to go from medium to large, that’s up-selling. If instead ask to add a drink and a bag of candy, that’s cross-selling.

Amazon, for example, has become famous for its personalized recommendation engine. The user appreciated the “extra service” that was provided and sales increased by 30%, thanks to the use of up-selling and cross-selling. In their product pages they included sections such as: ‘Customers who bought this item also bought these others’ and ‘Frequently bought together’. That’s up-selling and cross-selling with the help of dynamic content.

But how to add email to that equation?

The idea is to develop the content of emails with offers of products and services that meet the needs of consumers based on their behavior in the past. For this you can use the data inserted in the forms, the purchase history and even the evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Birthday email

Birthday email is a great way to reward customers, thank them for their loyalty to the brand and send them a special offer for their birthday. For this, it is important to maintain the personal tone of the message.

In case you do not have the birthday dates in the database, you can make a specific campaign to collect this information, making it clear that if you give the date of your birthday, you will reward him, or include a permanent link in Your campaigns.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Emails

Feedback is important to increase customer loyalty, not only because customers want to feel respected and taken into account, but also because they can give you important keys to your business. Customer satisfaction survey emails are follow-up emails, which are usually sent within a few days of an action on the web, usually the purchase of a product or service.

Check the answers you receive in these emails and adapt your management to the needs and preferences of your customers. Customers are happy when they know that they are part of the decision making of their brand, so it renews products or services according to their requests and they will be much more satisfied.

Abandoned shopping carts

One of the topics most currently addressed in the e-commerce scenario is why and how to manage the abandonment of shopping carts. The causes can vary in each case and in different segments, but a short and simple purchase process, without distractions, always makes the conversion of online stores more efficient.

If there are still dropouts, today mail is still an excellent option to rescue those customers who did not finalize the purchase, either because of difficulty in the process, technical problems or because they just wanted to know the price. An abandoned cart email invites people to return to the page and finalize the purchase (especially if it includes some incentive).


The wake-up program helps to “wake up” customers who have not bought in a specific period of time. It can be a single automatic email or a series of emails in order to invite them to buy again, usually offering some incentive in between.

These types of programs are very easy to implement when the company has the date of the last purchase in its database. You only have to automate the shipment so that it is activated at the “XX” days after the date of the last transaction. In order to further focus the strategy, one might think of dividing inactive customers into two segments:

  • Subscribers who did not buy in XX days and opened or clicked on the campaigns the last 30 days.
  • Subscribers who did not buy in XX days and did not open or clicked on any campaign in a period of 30 days or more.

Again, it is important to maintain the personal tone of the email and put a call-to-action very clear.

Replenishment program

The concept of refueling, in this case, refers to any purchased product that is spent and needs to be replaced over a period of time. We are talking about products like perfume, lenses, hygiene products, and more. The idea is to take advantage of the moment when the customer runs out of that specific product and therefore is more likely to buy it again.

Another reseller-like program is a return to stock campaign. It is about taking advantage of the interest that customers have shown for a product that was out of stock, but which is now available or because you now have a similar product that you might be interested in.

Please note: An automated email marketing program helps companies differentiate themselves from their competition without having to make large investments or efforts. Define some automated rules to control user behavior on your website, and then send trigger campaigns because the relevancy and timeliness of such automated emails have been very successful for many brands.