5 Keys to run excellent mobile marketing campaigns

It is easy to fall into the mistake of thinking the best message for positioning on a mobile, rather, the best to hit the person. Therefore it should create the campaign thinking as always in our audience.

Obtain permits consumer

The process must be transparent, and the user should know perfectly what are granting permission and what the consequences of that concession.Studies show that more questions about personal information over the conversion ratio is reduced. On the other hand, during the collection process permissions should limit the questions to demographics, age, gender, income and interests. In addition, it is essential that during the time of obtaining permits professional knows that will use that data. That is, in order to refine the process and adapt to the interests of the same.

5 Keys to run excellent mobile marketing campaignsOrientation of the database

The best way to develop the database is to start interacting with the public.In turn make sure that the database provides the appropriate feedback to analyze and interpret the results. Once this phase of first contact must begin segmentation, which will be a crucial element of our future advertising campaigns.

The most common techniques in mobile marketing segmentation today are age, sex, location and preferences. In addition, it is essential to determine the frequency with which the user will accept receipt of messages as well as the right time. According to studies, 48% of people prefer to receive advertising messages on their mobile during the weekend. The preferred time is between nine and midnight but may be extended as the next favorite band is located between twelve and three in the afternoon. The critical time is from seven in the evening until midnight.

Induce commitment

If the content is important in the rest of the media, when we refer to mobile marketing recovers even more important. It takes more than that, it is essential to develop content that will attract, entertain, inspire and therefore snagging. Obviously, useful. There are 20 more than Twitter allows us, so the 160 characters that make up our mobile marketing campaign should be well selected characters.

Treat the database as a mini-world life

Therefore it must be constantly updated. Preferences, interests and tastes of people change according to their stage of relaxed “fear to ask” for fear of losing the user from the database. It is better to have fewer questions. Its more and allow us to further deepen the tastes of people who have given us permission to communicate with them because they are interested in what we have to tell.

Unsubscribe is not an option

Clearly it is legally a right given the option to unsubscribe and this must be respected. However, that does not stop reconquer the user and convince him to continue. One need only “one” useless for the user to catalog the message as spam communication. For this reason, we return to the point four: the importance of updating the profile of each user constantly to deepen what he wants to receive.

Are you ready to start your mobile marketing campaign?