10 Ways to build trust through your digital strategy

To sell already your brand or your products directly must first generate CONFIDENCE, your market must perceive in your messages elements to provide security to be taking the right decision to choose you.

Internet has allowed brands to expand their market beyond their dreams, where before you could only sell locally, today can literally embrace the whole world. The downside of this is that competition for global market reach that is immense and the choice of who to hire or who to buy becomes more complex for the consumer himself, as it has plenty to choose from.

Obviously one of the first strategies that must run precisely on your digital strategy is “to find you” when someone searches on internet your product or service, but once you manage this, you have a few seconds / minutes to earn the trust of those visits and encourage them to approach much more to you, reading you more, sharing your information, subscribing to your feed, requesting reports, etc.

10 Ways to build trust through your digital strategyHere I want to share 10 ideas on how you can do this, how you can build trust in people who do not know you, they have never heard of your brand, but they need what you offer.

1. Tell your story (Storytelling)

Salesmanship telling your story is a powerful tool for your market approach to human form to your company, know who you are and how you got to where you are. The more creative, emotional and inspiring is your story will have greater impact on your audience.

2. Testimonials

Testimonials build credibility and trust, include them on your web site, distribute them on your social networks. Make them creative and present, to talk about how to resolve your your participation, what they liked your product / service, and tell why they should buy from you and not others.

As in the previous point, try to be creative in its production: images, videos, texts, letters, etc. attention-and that is not a tedium read or see.

3. Certifications

Protect your quality reputation more positioned brands is always a good idea. If you have certifications or partnerships with renowned companies worth that you include this information from your website.

When you sell directly on the Internet, it generates confidence include safety certifications in the payment transaction and returns. (SiteLock or Symantec for example)

4. Guarantees

Well-managed and fulfilling them 100% is a powerful tool to encourage the purchase and shorten sales cycles. The most traditional is that money back if not satisfied with the product or service, but you can create others according to your type of business that are equally attractive and original.

The key is to make guarantees as simple and transparent run by the consumer, communicate in your online sales channels: email, web page, social networks, etc.

5. Current Customers

Another way to build trust is to include marks your current customers on your website. If you go to the final consumer you can add photos from your customers using the product or satisfied with the service.

6. Samples or Tests

Depending on the type of product / service that you drive is always good to give them a taste to tempt them. This will help them make a decision faster and generate purchase recommendation.

Examples: test time, ebook, free consultation, discount coupons, etc.

7. Demonstrations of products / services

Show your product or service on the web, use bold and creative tools to do: videos, cartoons, infographics, photo gallery, etc. Presume your product attractive.

8. Recommendations

Encourages the recommendations of current customers in social media. Ask them to qualify your social profiles: Fan Page, Linkedin, etc. You write down their experiences in nets or on your blog.

9. Influence

Obviously the influence of your social media will be a confidence indicator for your business, it’s like when we look for a good place to eat “tacos” and see a local full, our first thought is that “must be very good,” right? The same goes for online platforms. Take care that your strategy is comprehensive impact.

10. Service & Consistency

“We do business with people? No companies” @AndyPafa.

Care for the service that you grant your customers via online, one of the best tactics to build trust in digital media is the immediacy with which you respond to the conversation: questions, information, comments, etc.Manage your communication well and never neglect your community in any channel.

As always I hope these simple tips will be useful to you !!