10 uses of Twitter that can help revolutionize the small and medium enterprises

Social networks are great marketing and promotional platforms, we provide it with greater visibility and penetration – increasing the chances of growth- and allow us a total level of creativity and innovation to stay away from any protocol that has nothing to do with the establishment of ties “social and human.”

Facebook and Twitter, two of the 4 Social Media giants have shown their social supremacy because of their transversal and integrated into the habits and customs of societies nature.

Take for example Twitter, a platform that feeds the traditional media thanks to the constant updating of information and ongoing user interaction that allows the identification of trends. Indispensable social thermometer that can be used by SMEs as indispensable allies of growth.

10 uses of Twitter that can help revolutionize the small and medium enterprisesNew customers

Undoubtedly, social interaction, active listening in the early stages and dialogue as a result, can gain access to a universe of new leads that without a social presence on a platform like Twitter, it would be very complex.

Harnessing geolocation

Twitter is the social network most used mobile web, this data would be sufficient for SMEs saw the social network of microblogging a great ally of the local segment of your business.

Customer Service

It is obvious that the interaction between brands and users on Twitter the foundations of the link between the two is forged. Twitter is a platform that, by its immediacy, provides the benefit of the most committed brands. Use Twitter to communicate with our customers is a high-efficiency action also allows us to prevent crises early.

Build loyalty

Twitter is unique to exploit a campaign discounts, offers, sweepstakes, coupons, etc. … to seek to impact the most committed users who by emotion, speak well of our brand.

Marketing of influence on Twitter here and now

In a universe formed – increasingly, individual production units, the effective partnership that is shaping an SME is a causal consequence. Harnessing the benefits of influential marketing in a real-time platform, 100% dynamic and fully incorporated in the offline world, is an indispensable action for SMEs in the process of transition to the new model.

Commitment, visible in real time

In our customer acquisition process we have learned that, while it is very important to publicize our content, products, goods and services, is just as necessary to show the “who we are and what we want”. It is important to remember that no influence without exposure.

Market studies

If there is an efficient social platform to study the impact of a new product, is Twitter. Again we are faced with the provision of a service; delivers quality information and easy access to a more personal contact. Study the results compare it with your objectives. The results are optimization of market research that is completely adapted to the current real time.

Interacts promotes experience, events, meetings, visits

Twitter is a very efficient platform to deliver added value. Recall that the microblogging social network feeds quality content so it is a means excellent diffuser of our brand. Create interactive content that allows users to learn more about the brand as well as organizing events and meetings, build a value-added experience.

Partners and employees, a figure that is blurred, relationships are professionals today

When an SME discovers for the first time the impact of a DM from a competing company that has found a formula to grow together, he realizes that, collaboration, relationships and the constant identifying opportunities are great strengths of Twitter for its viral nature and in real time. In the new internal customer universe, union influence is increasing opportunities.

While everything happens in real time, take yours, listen

One of the last reasons why Twitter is a great ally of SMEs is found in the information that emerges from a platform in which communication is uninterrupted. On Twitter, the possibilities of obtaining relevant information that allows us to reinvent ourselves and find the path of growth, are much higher.

Finally, the key for SMEs to reap the benefits of Twitter is as always, ask the right questions; this is not what Twitter can do for your brand, but what your brand can do for users who are on Twitter.

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