Why you should play music in your store

Creating an atmosphere or ambiance in your store is incredibly important when it comes to creating a relationship with your customers and encouraging them to return as loyal customers. Music is a great way to create a positive atmosphere, although there is a fine line between silence and music that is too loud and intrusive. If you are considering music in your store you should consult with a Music for Business company to ensure that you are choosing music that is not only appropriate for your business but appealing to your customer demographic. For example, if you are a luxury skin care company you probably don’t want to be blasting out rock music!

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Here are some of the many reasons why you should play music in your store to improve your customer experience.

Imagery – music helps to create images in our minds and if you choose your store music carefully you can create both feelings and emotions that will instantly link your brand to that music. This helps your business by not only creating a wonderful shopping atmosphere but also creates a  link that will be carried around with that individual. It works in a similar way to smells. Yankee Candle have incredible smelling products and more often than not when someone smells a candle in another store they will be reminded of their shopping experience with Yankee Candle. Music works the same way.

Masks store noises – it is much better to have music playing in your store rather than having your customers hearing the conversations that are going on with the till staff or hearing stock being taken from the stock room and placed on the shelves. Music helps to mask these everyday sounds and again makes for a more pleasant experience.

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In store only – with more and more people choosing to shop online, creating these all round shopping experiences can entice people back into your store,as online shopping may be more convenient but it is very clinical. It is important to ensure that you have profiled your customers and have chosen your music carefully so as not to put off your existing shoppers.

In order to provide your customers with the best shopping experience possible you need to appeal to as many senses as possible, whilst also understanding what makes them choose your store. Once you have all of this information you can carefully select the music that fits best with both your brand image and your customers and enhance the overall shopping experience for all.