Why do you still need an aerial?

You might think that in this day and age of streaming services the need for a TV aerial is not necessary. The fact is you could not be more wrong. The idea that streaming is taking over the need for an aerial is vastly overstated. A decent aerial will enable you to seamlessly receive all that great content for the BBC, ITV and Channel Four and five plus Now TV.

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Digital televisions have given us a plethora of new channels and entertainment features to watch. You will still need the attention of a TV Aerial Installation Swansea based firm like One Vision to make sure it is fitted correctly and securely. This will mean that you can get uninterrupted and pure signal strength for your digital signal.

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The advantages are obvious. First of all you are not at the whim of a WiFi signal. In some areas this can be a real issue as the coverage of a Wifi Signal is intermittent and cannot be guaranteed to have the correct strength to carry the streaming service to you. With digital the whole point of its creation was to provide clearer and more direct vision to the television screen.


The internet problem is the same issue that was experienced with the analogue signal. Analogue was replaced as it was easily disrupted by weather and local geographic conditions. The trouble with Wifi is that this can have an effect on it as well. So, don’t ditch the aerial just yet.