What is Equity Release and How is it Done?

If you need to raise funds for a big purchase, then equity release is a popular way of doing this. Whether you want to help your children to buy a property of their own, or you are planning renovations to your own property, there are many reasons why people release equity on their home. You are able to access funds this way if you are at an age where you may not be able to take out a mortgage.

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Something that you also need to be aware of when you are doing this is the fact that you need to see a solicitor who specialises in this, such as this equity release solicitor https://www.tivoli.legal/

Doing this helps you to not only understand more about the process but also ensures that you are doing things the right way. A solicitor will also discuss all of your options with you as there may be better options for your circumstances, so it pays off to speak with a knowledgeable solicitor about your plans and what you are hoping to achieve.

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As with anything that you do, there are risks, but a solicitor will also be able to point out what these are, and also what is in place to protect you. Regulations from the FCA and speaking with an independent financial advisor are just two of the processes that are in place to help to safeguard you, and make sure that you make a decision that is right for you.