Weborama’s advertising network reaches 17 million unique users per month

The advertising network of Weborama company specialized in the optimization and measurement of internet marketing actions, reached in November the 17 million unique monthly users which means an average increase of one million users a month since its launch.

Weborama, a French company specialized in web analytics tools, Ad Serving and campaign optimization, launched its advertising network in June: Weborama Connection, in which it has applied all the knowledge on the acquired online marketing sector in its five years of presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

Now, just six months after its launch, Weborama Connection has reached the figure of 17 million unique users, representing a 55% increase.

One of the main novelties of the Weborama Connection Network is the format used to offer advertising, the Slide In, which does not use impressions from the media itself but consists of an overprint (hosted on the Weborama servers) in the vertical zone left of the web.

The Slide In is displayed in 300×250 pixel format in a layer that is loaded at the time of opening the page for a maximum of 12 seconds, although the user has the ability to close the advertising format at any time through a perfectly visible blade and always located in the same place (there are no changes of location that persecute the uncertainty of the user). In addition, this format allows both static creatives and rich formats (video).

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness and minimum intrusion, the system has a default frequency of 1/5, that is, each user sees no more than one ad every five days. All these characteristics contribute to the Slide In model of Weborama Connection get a few Click Through indexes (CTR) that are much higher than conventional campaigns.

For Abelardo Ibáñez, Managing Director of Weborama, “the growth of more than 50% of our network has been a complete satisfaction in a year of advertising investment containment. This data is a clear boost to the courageous policy we have adopted to launch a network despite the economic situation, which confirms that quality prevails over seasonal situations. “