Videos of products in the online shop improve by 79% the chances of buying

What role do videos when convince consumers to close a purchase process? The truth is that the importance of videos in all processes associated with brands is growing not only because consumers are increasingly interested in this type of content.

In recent years – and you could almost say that in recent months – the ratios of video content consumption have grown very highest form. Netizens have normalized the fact watching videos on the Internet and have also made the leap not only consumer video from their computers but from mobile terminals. Every time is more mobile from smartphones and tablets and more and more companies are interested in joining the current.

Videos of products in the online shop improve by 79% the chances of buyingBut besides trying to exploit this type of content through advertisements, brands need to begin to understand that they themselves have to become creative thereof, especially as customers begin to expect that firms comply with those ideas and those goals. Consumers are also turning to videos in a decisive element their purchasing processes, so for the marks would be a mistake not to be there to be who become the vehicle for making those decisions.

A Forrester study indicated that 90% of consumers are looking for videos on the Internet before closing a purchase in e – commerce. And a study of Liveclicker just analyzes the real impact of the presence of video within the page of an electronic store: the conclusion is that the impact it can have on the balance of purchases is very high.

The impact of video, according to data from this latest study is very positive. The average value of the purchase is made at the online store when that resource has increased by 50%. In addition, 81% of brands ensures that the presence of video on your product pages have an impact on your conversion rates and improvement.

But how much can estimate the improvement in conversion between having and not having video? The impact is not only a few cents, taking into account the percentages. The positive impact of videos on the results of a site is very high. The conversion is actually 79% higher when the video is integrated into all product pages and not just a few.

What should not be forgotten in the video strategy?

Still, not worth only have videos on different pages of the online store or upload a couple of videos to the network so that the consumer is happy, you also have to meet other requirements. From the outset, we must enable consumers to find and watch videos. The study data do imagine so since, according to its findings, the more videos see consumers, the higher the conversion rate.

It is not the only point. It is also important to stay updated videos that are adapted to the different media that can use the client to access the online store. A few years even a few months ago or e-commerce from the mobile was not as decisive, now is becoming increasingly important. Videos must therefore be able to be viewed seamlessly from mobile terminals, since it is likely that many consumers try to make purchases from them. According to data from Liveclicker, 25% of purchases are already made from these terminals.