Using your phone for business accounting

Mobile phones that you can buy from a Vodafone Tullamore company such asĀ can be used in a variety of ways for business owners. Not only are they useful for staying in touch with clients and customers, and useful for social media marketing functions, they can also help you to send invoices in a much more timely fashion.

People capturing scenes on their smartphones

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There are a number of cloud based accounting software available, such as Xero and Quickbooks and they all have the ability for a mobile app to be downloaded and used on mobile phone or tablet. This allows the business owner to keep up to date with the finances on a regular basis. It also means that invoices can be sent quickly.

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Having the ability to send invoices once you have finished meeting with a client or first working on their property etc, means that you can save time, when you compare this to having to send them later on in the day and it also helps you to speed up the time scales for your clients to pay the money they owe you. This can then help to improve your overall business cash flow.

Expenses can also be filed using the apps and this can again be incredibly useful if you have employees or contractors that need to put expenses claims into your business. You can ask them to do this via the app and submit an image of their receipts at the same time.