Tips to Protect Your Equipment Hire from Theft and Vandalism

Equipment for construction is expensive and, as such, is the frequent target of theft. They are often kept in a truck or trailer to allow for easy relocation around sites, and so on, and if proper safety precautions are not taken, they are vulnerable to theft.

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Equipment like generators comes in all sizes and specifications. While smaller equipment is far more susceptible to theft, it is common for larger pieces of equipment to be targeted as well. It is worth considering the storage of your Excavator Hire Leicester from and security options, especially if you plan to keep your plant outside or in affected locations. Theft or vandalism can hugely interfere with a project and productivity and, quite simply, be an expensive inconvenience!

Here are some suggestions to help reduce the temptation for opportunistic thieves and to protect your site from the adverse effects of plant theft:

  1. Have a plan in place before the plant arrives on site

Often, plant will arrive in a trailer, so if you do not unload and relocate immediately, you leave your plant in a convenient getaway! If you keep the plant outside, it is essential to unpack immediately and place it in a secure location that has been decided beforehand.

  1. Fencing

Keeping unwanted intruders from your site is essential to protect your equipment. Hiring a good quality security fence to protect your site and, in turn, protect your equipment will make it much more difficult for thieves to enter and act as a significant deterrent.

  1. Assess your general site security

This includes site security cameras and lighting. The higher the number of security measures taken, the more you will prevent thieves from targeting your site. Security lighting should activate if an intruder is detected. The more effectively you illuminate your site, the less likely the thief will feel confident with the target!

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  1. Consider the location

Blocking the plant to make removing it as tricky as possible from the site is a good idea. Large pieces of equipment are not easy to move, so if you put them in the back of the cabin behind the site or where materials are stored, for example, it will significantly increase the effort required to move and act as a deterrent.

  1. Tag and track

GPS satellite tracking is a technology that will allow you to keep track of your equipment through an online portal and also help you know when something is stolen. This sophisticated software allows you to set up a ‘virtual fence’ around the equipment that will alert you if the equipment is moved outside of your set boundary.