The mobile is gaining increasing prominence among the priorities of brands

The integration of online media still seems complicated for many marketing departments that have not yet been configured to maintain multiple channels simultaneously and as a result the data are not always centralized question. Are the challenges that lie ahead for companies to achieve a truly integrated, in the opinion of the marketers surveyed by IgnitionOne for “Integrated Marketing Survey 2013” digital strategy.

The mobile is gaining increasing prominence among the priorities of brands24% have not defined a strategy of attributing conversions or measure the influence that channels can have on others. Brands have not improved much since last year and remains a difficulty to accurately track the actual impact each marketing action has on the final purchase and how they influence each other channels. In fact, almost half of them, 49%, still different managers for each channel, although the latest study of the Search Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) suggested that there were more companies combining the work of SEM and campaigns in social networks, for example.

Many marketing departments are aware of what the goals in this area are, but 24% say that their companies are not designed to carry out an integrated digital marketing, although budgets are growing strategy. Most respondents plans to devote more resources to digital advertising in the next twelve months. 46% increase the budget allocation between 11% and 20%, and two out of ten respondents plans to increase it even above 20%.Undoubtedly, the areas of greatest growth will be mobile ads, followed by advertising on social networks.

The mobile is gaining increasing prominence among the priorities of brands slipstream of its widespread use among consumers.

70% of professionals polled by IgnitionOne you plan to invest in mobile advertising over the next twelve months and, in particular, there is a 36% expected in the next year an increase in investment of your company in search ads mobile.

Grow advertising budgets but progress seems to have stalled in more accurate measurements that take into account the buying process starts with the first click on an ad, the first word inserted into a search engine or a link shared in a social network.

Despite its proven ineffectiveness, the attribution of the last click conversion performed by the user remains the most popular in the analysis of companies. 58% still using this model and 24% does not track how an advertising medium affects another. In contrast, only 18% use more sophisticated systems based on cross-channel, ie, that takes account of the journey made by the user through the various digital channels until it has reached purchase attribution.

Why are so few companies? most recurrent reason and claiming 38% of respondents, is that necessary to build an integrated digital marketing strategy technology is too complicated.

Nevertheless, and the slowness with which changes are being taken, marketers have begun to understand the importance of taking into account the influence of the conversion marketing actions. The biggest problem, according to IgnitionOne, is the lack of urgency with which is performing the transformation model.