The Importance of Tamper Proof Evidence Bags in Law Enforcement

The importance of tamper proof evidence bags in law enforcement cannot be understated, particularly in the arena of DNA testing. Tamper evidence is used to ensure that items collected at a crime scene, such as hair, fibres or secretions will not be able to become contaminated and can be used to positively identify those guilty of a crime.

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There are many different types of these evidence bags and they all have one purpose, to prevent any contamination or tampering. Because a lot of evidence includes swabs of suspect’s skin, clothing or other suspecting articles, it is critical that these products are tamper proof, or else the results provided by the testing will not be accurate. For more information on the correct Security Seal to use, visit a site like Acme Seals, supplier of varieties of the Security Seal.

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The importance of tamper proof evidence bags in law enforcement is especially true when a search warrant has been executed on a residence or car. In this instance, the individual will usually be instructed to remove the evidence immediately after the warrant is carried out.

Tamper proof evidence bags are often used in conjunction with other types of evidence, in order to ensure that it all stands up in the face of a meticulous and thorough investigation.