The future of work

Working practices are ever changing and with the global pandemic and Brexit this has never been more apparent. It is however, Generation Z that seem to be changing the ways in which we work and look for jobs.

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In the past, a business would invite applicants for an interview to decide which of the interviewees would be a good match for the company. However, that is all set to change as Generation Z is more likely to try the business out to see if the business is a good match for them.


Gen Z-ers are used via their smartphone or tablet for information coming to them at an unprecedented pace from apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. Since they’re more entrepreneurial, they don’t want to sit at a desk from 9 to 5, and they consider their well being more important than anything else. They want chill-out zones, nice coffee, and the right to speak out. At multitasking, they are nice but are less concentrated. With more people eschewing university, the trend is also for this group to enter the workplace far earlier, to start working straight from school.

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They are more likely to ask for Next Day delivery desks to be sent that fit for the purpose of their jobs, rather than working from a generic space. You can Go to store to look for office furniture items.


In a nice, communal room, Gen Z-ers want to function, communicate with work colleagues, share ideas, and send documents to the cloud. They don’t want to work for a business that is slow to adapt to evolving trends, so it really counts for first impressions, from the reception area to desks and workstations and even the canteen.