The companies recognize the advantages that they would obtain in case of outsourcing their management in the Social media

More than half (55%) of US retailers and merchants They have increased their digital marketing spending by 30% over the past three years, according to data from a recent report by the RSW-USA agency. However, despite the fact that during the past year the increase in this spending has slowed down, this activity continues to be an increasingly important part of its budgets.

Of that 55%, only 14% have increased their investment in digital marketing by more than 50%, and only 3% did it above 80%. A large part of them (23%) has increased digital marketing spending by 30%, but only 24% have increased their Social Media budget by 20%.

The data of the report also indicate that only 6% of these traders are likely to outsource or resort to a digital marketing company for the implementation of their strategies in social media for the future, and 50% admitted that They probably do not.

The data of the study show that the records of searches of agencies and selection of the same ones through the searches are very little influenced by the Social Media. Only 5% of sellers admitted using social media on a regular basis to search, find and identify specialized agencies. Meanwhile, 28% of merchants say they never use social media to identify agencies.

Other interesting findings

  • 54% of the sellers follow the content of blogs of social media agencies, 28% follow them on Facebook and 18% on Twitter.
  • 25% of salespeople use a specialized agency in the sector to meet their social needs online.

The data of another related study indicates that at present, most of the vendors recognize the advantages that they would obtain in case of adopting a complete service for their digital visibility managed by an agency or specialized external company.

50% of merchants believe that during the next three to five years, full-service companies are more likely to win digital assignments, compared to 28% who believe that digital companies will be the ones that end up better positioned.