The best wood for construction

Even in this day and age of technology and stone we still rely on wood to be an essential part of the construction process. For example Oak Roof Trusses are one of the strongest and most durable supports that you can get. There are plenty of them available from Timberpride Oak Roof Trusses. If you have a few of them on the roof then you will be safe as houses for years. What other wood do we use and in what parts of the house?

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One of the most common uses is that of the floorboards. These again can be Oak or Pine. One of the best things that you can do is remove the carpet and sand them down. If you add varnish they are some of the best and most decorative surfaces that you can have. It’s a very good idea to do this if you have pets. It makes things much easier to clean.

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The walls in your home are usually constructed with a wooden frame first and then having plaster board or wooden slats added. This is a strong construction that allows for toughness and depth. It also reduces the weight on the home especially from the upper levels.

Some homes are still constructed wholly from wood. Here we see the use of Oak again. Due to its resistance to moisture it is the perfect material to use. With some varnish and protective paint layering it will last and last for years.