Places that you Should Clean Regularly in the Office

Keeping the office clean is incredibly important, and even more so in these pandemic ravaged times when there is a need to make sure that people can work in the office without the risk of infection. Making sure that you have a clean office is not only important for staff, but also for visitors – first impressions count for a lot and visitors will not be impressed with an office that looks like it could do with a good scrub!

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Many offices get the professionals in to make sure the place is looking its best – someone like this contract cleaning Cheltenham based company Big Green Cleaning will be able to keep on top of those cleaning jobs. But in addition to that, there are certain parts of the office that should be cleaned more frequently…


Telephones – These are touched regularly, not just by hands, but they also have mouths close to them. To prevent germs and bacteria building up on the telephones it is a good idea to have some wipes next to each one that will allow the user to give it a quick wipe over on a regular basis.

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Underneath Chairs – These are places that get grotty very quickly, particularly if people eat lunch at the desk. The underside of the actual chair is also something that should be paid attention to, as it is a dirt  and dust magnet.

Keyboards – It is well known that these harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat, so particular care and attention should be paid to keeping keyboards clean to avoid nasty germs from cropping up.