My company is not on the Internet or on social networks. What am I missing?

Although it may seem almost unthinkable, there are still many companies that have not made the leap to social networks and even remain distant and alien to the reality that occurs in the Internet itself. Due to lack of knowledge, erroneous beliefs, lack of resources or fear of facing a new reality, many companies are losing the train of progress.

But … what are we missing by keeping my business away from the Internet and absent from social networks?

It is worth bearing in mind that at present, the presence of companies in the media and social networks is no longer an option. When a brand does not accredit its social profiles, it automatically generates a slight distrust, so in the same way and by absence, not being present on the internet or social networks, may not benefit our reputation.

This could be one of the first disadvantages to add to the evident loss of competitiveness and distrust associated with this “absence”.

It is obvious to say that the key to business growth increases as does the number of customers or their commitment to the brand or company. An aspect that thanks to social networks can be strengthened.

Closing the doors of the Internet and social networks is today a brake on our company of such magnitude that it means a total loss of opportunities, specifically if we fail to take advantage of the many advantages that are offered to us when establishing new relationships and links with consumers. , customers and fans of our own brand.

Maintaining our business outside the Internet, the evolution and activity of this type of media, prevents us from obtaining the feedback of our customers. We lose a great opportunity to know your preferences, opinions, perceptions about our brand, services or products, … and above all we lose the capacity to intermediate or offer solutions when they manifest their bad experiences openly.

It costs a lot to get a good reputation and the trust of a client, and it costs very little to lose them. No brand or company is exempt from problems that may affect their own reputation, and if this ‘sea of ​​blood’ begins to spread through social networks in the absence of our presence, we will have much more difficult to confront and limit each conflict or problem due to a lower capacity for reaction.

There is no reason for any type of business or company to completely ignore its almost obligatory presence on the internet and social networks. Doing so now can even convey that we are not prepared, we are not competitive, we hide or we are afraid and above all we understand that we will be abandoning our customers towards more competitive, innovative and social brands.

Undoubtedly, social networks can be a true speaker for companies and brands, but they can also become powerful tools to enhance other areas and services of our businesses such as customer service.

Today, call centers and customer services are developed in real time and through social interaction. To provide the added value of these services that today the new social consumer demands, will be an impossibility in the absence and presence in this type of media.

If consumers are on the Internet, if suppliers are on the Internet, if our competition is on the Internet and our brand has no presence on the Internet and social networks, we will be wasting an endless number of advantages and possibilities.

Social networks can also help us to know how the most loyal consumers and followers of our own competition are. Analyze what your problems or shortcomings are and if we can offer a differentiated and quality producer or service that makes them new customers of our business.

Finally, understand that the internet and social networks is not only a battlefield dueling all types of companies. It also opens the possibility of generating or establishing new synergies, agreements and collaborations with other companies that can strengthen our own business.

These aspects and many others can become doors that we close ourselves to the growth of our company, at a time when the economic situation is eager to show us that the previous cycle collapsed. Today, social networks are an obvious reality and the Internet is the only medium that experiences large growth figures. Are you going to close the doors to the growth of your own company or brand?