If you do not care what they say about your brand, you do not care about your brand

Brands are one of the most valuable treasures and assets of companies; something that you have to take care of and protect with care, showing the love and dedication that you deserve, given its great importance. Protecting your image is something that the good functioning of the company depends on.

Daily they are publicly exposed to external circumstances that can damage it. The outside is an environment full of dangers, where they are vulnerable and can suffer attacks that seriously damage their reputation. It is essential to be continually aware of it and to discover in time any mention, appearance in media or use of the brand that may negatively affect it:

Effective monitoring is the best prevention tool. This is not reduced to the fact of following only and exclusively the name of the brand on the internet and discovering where it is mentioned. You have to be aware of everything related to it and its sector. To achieve this, it is advisable to establish guidelines for tracking and tracking the brand in the online medium, whose premises are based on:

Monitor all mentions specific to the brand and the company. There are many tools that help you monitor the presence of the brand on social networks.

Define those keywords that best define the company, its activity and its environment and establish a work routine to follow its daily evolution. To find out these terms, you can help us with the results of the analysis of our website, as well as conduct trend studies.

Extreme always the precaution before aspects and concrete situations in which it feels especially vulnerable and you know that it can be attacked there.

But in addition to knowing what they say about your brand, you also have to have prepared a crisis management strategy to know how to act. You can not sit idly by those actions that disparage or damage your online reputation. Treat your brand as it deserves, show that you care and care about it. Nor is it a matter of directly confronting anyone who uses your name in vain; but to have established an action policy and not leave anything to improvisation.

How important is your brand to you? What guidelines do you follow to take care of it?