How to Promote Sustainability During an Exhibition

One of the biggest environmental issues for exhibitions is transportation. By reducing the amount of space occupied by unusable exhibition materials and opting for renewable energy vehicles, exhibitions can reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainability advocates say that an exhibition needs to consider the whole cycle of the event’s production.

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In addition to reducing waste and increasing participation, exhibitors can also increase brand awareness. A recent study by the National Marketing Institute shows that consumers are 60% more likely to purchase products from companies who promote sustainable practices. This means that incorporating sustainable practices into your trade show booth will not only help your brand stand out among your competition but also boost your bottom line. For advice on Large eco friendly exhibition stands, contact a site like Colour Studios, a supplier of Large eco friendly exhibition stands

Sustainable events include a wide range of activities that benefit the environment. Event planners should aim to use sustainable materials wherever possible, including the venue itself. This includes reducing the use of single-use items like plastic name badge holders and putting recycling points at the venue. Even if there is no space to set up recycling stations, you can provide information to attendees on how to dispose of their waste.

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The environmental impact of an exhibition is largely related to waste and its disposal. Exhibition spaces should be made from reusable materials, such as cardboard and biodegradable materials. Using sustainable materials for your exhibition stands will reduce the amount of waste produced by the event and save you money for future events. Sustainable materials are also cheaper and more widely available than traditional materials, which means better quality for your visitors.