How the Internet Has Changed the Way Businesses Operate

Running a business today is completely different to how it was years ago. In around a decade, the way that businesses are run has become almost unrecognisable. The reason for this? The internet of course!

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So much of our lives are now aided by the internet – the music that we listen to, the way that we shop, and the way that we communicate with one another to name just a few – so it is little wonder that businesses have had to quickly adapt to this new age of technology and harness it in order to stay afloat.

In these difficult times, during the middle of a pandemic, it is even more crucial for businesses to be able to adapt to the internet in order to survive. There have been a huge number of businesses all over the world who have had to quickly purchase a domain name from, set up a social media account and get out there into the world wide web to help them to weather the troubled financial waters of the pandemic.

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One of the reasons that the internet is such a great tool for businesses, is that it has the power to be seen by anyone all over the world. If you have a shop in your local town, for example, you will be visited by customers who are local as well as perhaps tourists, but if you have a business that is able to sell goods online, you can really get to people all over the world.