From Revolution to Consolidation: Trends we will see fulfilled in 2018

In full age 2.0, we have been able to appreciate the evolution of social channels, their rapid integration by users and the gradual adaptation of companies to this new environment. 2012 was undoubtedly a crucial year in its development and 2018 augurs great progress and consolidation of crucial trends for its correct functioning. 

High speed technology concept via a Tokyo monorailThe Social Media Report 2012, published by Nielsen gives us the possibility to know the current state of Social Media, as well as to predict which are the trends that could be confirmed and fulfilled this new year. 

The use of the mobile will be more and more widespread. Mobile devices are already part of us, they have been integrated as a natural extension of our body. This supposes an increase of the connectivity of the users, As well as greater access to information, with social networks being one of its main meeting points. Users spend more and more time connected. The report notes that they have increased this time by 21% over the previous year, and by 120% in navigation through apps. 

Individuals are multi-screen (and will continue to be). Which implies a diversity of fronts to reach him. Therefore, the development of an integrated multichannel strategy is necessary. Users actively demand information, which they search through all channels at their fingertips. The content strategy must be adapted to each of these formats, taking into account the nature of the message and the way in which each device is used. 

The permanence of users in social networks continues to increase. Social networks are already one of the daily activities, to which we spend even more time than other vital actions. Recently we could know that users spend twice as much time on social networks as they eat. During this year there has been an increase of 37% in the time of exposure to social networks. 

Users demand that social networks consolidate themselves as a customer service channel. 1 in 3 customers prefers more personal attention, away from the cold phone contact with an operator, which often consists of a conversation canned. Social networks are the ideal setting to get directly to the brand, a place where they can talk from you to you. 

This accessibility is the pending subject of the brands for 2018. Purchases become more and more social. Social Media is just the online version of the traditional word of mouth. Here users share their latest acquisition, publish their recommendations on the brands they like and, of course, do not hesitate to openly expose what they are not satisfied with. At the time of purchase, users will wander through this 2.0 world, actively search for information about products that interest them and follow the advice of those other customers who have had a similar experience. Ipsos says in its study that 78% of customers recognize that online opinions influence them when making a purchase decision. 

Content marketing will continue to be the fuel that will run the 2.0 engine. According to the WCC, 45% of companies are planning to increase the budget for content marketing, even 9% acknowledged that they would bet heavily on it. It remains the king, the cornerstone that attracts its own and strangers to the mark, getting new followers and faithful followers. 

Companies will start generating revenue from social networks. Millward Brown’s study confirms the effectiveness of social channels to publicize products and connect with users. Brand depends on creating a strategy capable of reaching users and generate empathy with the brand, in such a way that leads to action. According to Digital Buzz,

2018 will be a year of consolidation, rather than of revolution, a period where the foundations established in previous periods are established. We have a year ahead to strengthen the relationship with the client, to bring the approach and the interaction, at any time or place; As well as to begin to collect the fruit of our harvest.