A sign of the times

How do you get a message out to people whether it be important directions or advertising your business? Well, you make a sign of course. Having a message permanently set into material makes a greater impression on people and helps to really get the message understood. This is why many businesses use signs to advertise their services and products so they can reach out to many more people.

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Before modern technology made sign making easier, humans have been using them since prehistoric times. We have been creating art and pictures since the stone age and signs are just an expansion of this. Signs don’t always need words, as often a picture or symbol can be just as effective. From cave paintings to digital printing, the craft of sign making has really evolved. When you need Signage Exeter, try visiting https://exeter.nettl.com/signs/

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This form of early advertising continued throughout history and in the Middle Ages it was common to use signs to advertise your business. This was probably the most important tool that people had in relation to advertising.

Signs have generally been made from whatever materials were available to people at that time including paints, stone, wood and plants. Technology has come a long way and now signs can be designed, printed and cut using some very advanced machinery.

For a really professional and slick look though, technology seems to be a very popular choice for businesses as the best way to promote their business. Most road and motorway signs will also be made using the latest technology for ease of mass production and durability in all weathers.