5 Internet Business who triumphed with surprising ideas

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Sometimes take Internet business   is as easy as having the courage to take an idea forward. As says Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group (consisting of more than 360 companies):

“To conquer fear is the beginning of wealth.”

Good examples of this are the following Internet business who triumphed despite (or because) of his ideas were denounced as extravagant, impractical or directly stupid, but in some cases made millionaires of its entrepreneurs.

1- Million Dollars (Million-Dollar Homepage)

Page Million Dollar born in August 2005 in Wiltshire (England), where Alex Tew, a 21-year-old who wanted to finance his college career, decided to create a web page made up of one million pixels and sell each pixel at a price of one dollar.

Image Source : Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

The idea of internet business was easy, advertisers could buy as many pixels to advertise and display their logos or advertisements in your company who would be hyperlinked to their pages webs. It had raised $1000, the media echoed your idea, and since then everything was successful. The curiosity of people made the Million Dollar Homepage was a phenomenon on the Internet and one of the most visited websites in the world, which caught the attention of many companies.

In January 2006, a few months after its release, she sold the last pixel, which added a collection of $1037100.

“From the beginning, I knew that the idea had potential, but it was one of those things that could have gone either way. My thought was that I had nothing to lose (apart from 50 euros to buy the domain and maintain the server). I knew that the idea would create a lot of interest quickly … The Internet is a very powerful medium.” – Alex Tew.

2- Letter of Santa Claus (Santa Mail)

A Byron Reese loved Christmas, but thought it was very difficult for parents to keep the magic and secrecy surrounding the figure of Santa Claus, so I had an idea.

He would send letters to children around the world posing as Santa Claus. For extra realism got a mailing address at the North Pole and accompanying shipments with pictures and postcards of “home of Santa Claus”.

The parents, who are those who write letters and make contact with him, you will be paid $10 for each letter.  Since 2001, when put up this idea of Internet business, has sent more than 300,000 letters.

3- Glasses for Dogs

The idea may seem surprising to after all who needs glasses for your dog. Well, it seems that many people, as Doggles, goggles sold (not graded, mind you) to dogs worldwide.

The idea of this business over the Internet came to the owner of a dog who loved to stick his head out the car window, but that the wind was annoying. One day tried to put some snorkeling adjusted and the problem disappeared.

In addition to selling these glasses, they also sell sunglasses for dogs, which do little more than to give your pet a funny picture, but that is in demand.

4- Designer diaper bags (Diapees and Wipees)

Christie Rei n was tired of carrying diapers son in his bag, so he had a rather simple idea but nobody had thought to create a handbag exclusively for it.

With an attractive design, various patterns, and colors, and with good entrepreneurial skills, Christie has achieved an all business success with your business idea online.

Currently, Diapees & Wipees offers 22 styles of “Nappy” available in their online store and 120 boutiques located throughout the world.

5- Monks Laser (Laser Monks)

Traditionally, monks have done crafts with which revenues that could be used for the maintenance of their own congregations or to take action to help the most disadvantaged guaranteed.

However, why spend your time on more profitable tasks? That must have thought of the Abbey of the monastery of Madison, in the US, as the monks who live there are dedicated to recharging ink cartridges for printers.

Its success is such that they have expanded their business over the Internet to other sectors such as food handicrafts.